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Kids in School and Safety for All

With area schools starting classes most households will have a more structured routine and mornings will be a rush to get up, ready, and gone.

Every driver should prep themselves for the additional pedestrians, bicycles, and young drivers heading to and from school and school activities. Every parent should spend extra time in talking with their children and young drivers. Remind them of the dangers, how important it is to monitor other traffic, and don’t let distractions hinder vision and other senses near roadways and cross walks.

I hope that every parent also has a safe at home plan with their kids and family. This can be everything from fire, tornado, and home invasion plans. Knowing where to go and where to meet are very important for everyone. Notification to authorities and friends or relatives should also be discussed.

I remember as a young child my parents required me to walk as they monitored me to and from Dewey School then to the day care provider and finally to our home. I recall thinking they were completely crazy, but it was a very important for me to learn and also for their satisfaction in knowing all was good.

School buses are on their routes and the drivers have a very important job in delivering a precious cargo to school and your homes. Make certain to stop when a bus is stopped and loading or unloading when their lights are flashing and stop arm extended. Otherwise please slow and proceed with caution.

Missouri statute 569.155 makes it a class A misdemeanor (up to 1 year in jail and a $1000 fine) for anyone to Trespass on a School Bus. This law is intended to protect the children, driver, and school property. Unless you are a student or the bus driver, please do not enter the bus without consent from the school.

In closing please plan your routine and be a proud parent as before long those kiddos will be graduating and off to the bigger world. Remember we are here to help you, your family, and your friends.


Steve Cox

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