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Livingston County Sheriff's Office
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Sheriff Steve V. Cox
Term: 2001 to Present

Livingston County is located in north central Missouri and primarily consists of agriculture or timber land, with several industries, is home to many friendly people, abundant with wildlife, clean air, and country values.   We are home to approximately 14,500 county residents with Chillicothe being the county seat and also a shopping hub for several counties around.   You may also visit residents from Avalon, Bedford, Blue Mound, Chula, Dawn, Farmersville, Ludlow, Mooresville, Sampsel, Springhill, Sturgis, Utica, and Wheeling.

Livingston County has a total area of 538 square miles.  Joseph Cox was the first settler in what is now Chillicothe Township, on section 12-58-24, in 1833; it was also at his house where the first courts were held in the county.  Livingston County was founded in 1837 and named after Honorable Edward Livingston, the 11th Secretary of the State of the United States under President Andrew Jackson.  Coincidently, Sheriff Steve Cox is a descendant of Joseph Cox and today Steve and his family reside on the same family farm.

Livingston County has 3 school districts being Chillicothe, Chula, and Southwest.  All 3 schools provide an excellent environment for learning and take great pride in their student’s academic and athletic performance while receiving great community support.

The majority of people who have or now reside in Livingston County are known, respected, and admired for their care, compassion, faith, and willingness to help others.

Please contact Sheriff Cox if you are intersted in sharing any information or documents of past Livingston County Sheriffs for display on this web site.



Sheriff Steve V. Cox
Term: 2001 to Present

Sheriff Edward F. Daly
Term: 1901 to 1905

Sheriff George M. Yeoman
Term: 1905 to 1909

Sheriff Mark White
Term: 1909 to 1913

Sheriff William Nothnagle
Term: 1913 to 1917

Sheriff James J. Brown
Term: 1917 to 1921

Sheriff Ross Diehl
Term: 1921 to 1925

Sheriff Mont L. Dowell
Term: 1925 to 1929

Sheriff Ross Diehl
Term: 1929 to 1932

Sheriff Roy Uhrmacher
Term: 1933 to 1937

Sheriff W. C. "Bill" Uhrmacher
Term: 1937 to 1941

Sheriff Roy Lambert
Term: 1941 to 1944

Sheriff Frank Jacobs
Term: 1945 to 1948

Sheriff W. C. "Bill" Uhrmacher
Term: 1949 to 1954

Sheriff Bernice Uhrmacher
Term: 1954 to 1957

Sheriff Kelsie Reeter
Term: 1957 to 1977

Sheriff Leland Jack O'Dell
Term: 1977 to 1997

Sheriff Gary D. Calvert
Term: 1997 to 2001

Sheriff William O. Jennings
Term: 02-01-1837 to unknown
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