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Incident Reports:

May 18 LCSO staff were summoned to attempt to assist with a stolen vehicle in Chillicothe that was fleeing from law enforcement.  The suspect began driving in the wrong lanes of U.S. 36 and was able to get out of the county before our officers could get into position.  The chase ultimately ended in Clay County after the suspect allegedly drove in the wrong lanes of 36 and Interstate 35 numerous times nearly striking many people including law enforcement.  Multiple agencies in that area worked together and caught the suspect who was identified as Nicholas Paul Hagler, 26, Independence.  Mr. Hagler has a felony Livingston County arrest warrant and is on our Most Wanted page for alleged Violation of Bond Conditions on original felony charge of Tampering with a Motor Vehicle (auto theft).  Mr. Hagler is reportedly wanted on felony warrant in Jackson County and will be turned over to that agency first to begin his lengthy court process in several counties.  Good work by all those agencies who were involved.

LCSO has completed investigation on domestic assault investigation from April and submitted case file for potential charges on both adults for alleged assault.  Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren will review and consider.

LCSO has received lab report back from incident in February involving man allegedly driving under influence of drugs and are now seeking charges against the suspect.

May 17 LCSO investigated a residential burglary at an unoccupied building west of Chillicothe.  The owners responded and reported nothing was missing and the break in had to have taken place within the previous week.  Investigation continues.

May 17 and 18 LCSO staff responded to calls regarding child custody and appointment of guardianship involving a child. 

May 20 LCSO investigated call of harassment/stalking in the north end of the county. 

May 20 LCSO began investigation on report of person considering suicide.  We were able to connect the person with a case worker and get services started without further intervention.

May 20 LCSO began investigation of possible mutilation to a dead cow in northwest Livingston County.


Most Wanted Updates:

Arrested May 18, Chase J. Fantazia, 29 arrested by Platte County authorities for alleged class E felony Failure to Obey a Judge's Order on Livingston County warrant for original class Unlawful Use of a Weapon-subsection 4 and class D felony Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.  Bond set at $10,000 cash on case #19LV-CR00692 with warrant dated May 11, 2020.  We have extradited Mr. Fantazia to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail.


Other Arrests:

May 20 LCSO arrested Joseph Alan Vargas, 21, Chillicothe on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge's Order on original class E felony Domestic Assault-3rd degree.  Bond set at $5,000 cash on case #20LV-CR00213 dated May 18, 2020.

May 20 LCSO arrested Joshua Caleb Allen, 35, Mooresville on a Buchanan County arrest warrant for alleged property damage.  Mr. Allen was taken


May 16 a Richmond driver was cited for excessive speed in a construction zone on U.S. 65 at the Grand River for 60 in a 45.

May 16 a Portland Oregon driver was cited for excessive speed in a construction zone on U.S. 65 at the Grand River for 60 in a 45.

May 19 a Hale resident was stopped south on U.S. 65 and issued speeding citation for 65 in a 35 in construction zone.


Additional Information:

Sheriff Cox had meetings this week with Chillicothe Police Chief Jon Maples, Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail, Probation and Parole and the Livingston County Commission.

LCSO currently has 28 people in custody.

LCSO has various on-going criminal and fugitive investigations in addition to working with many other agencies.

May 21 lights at road construction were not working on U.S. 65 at the Grand River and LCSO assisted with traffic until it could be repaired.


Sheriff Steve Cox


Note:  All persons are innocent unless and until proven guilty in a Court of law.  An arrest and/or arrest warrant is merely an allegation and nothing more.

Updated on Tuesday Man Hunt in Livingston County:


Monreal arrest photo 5-19-2020


Jesse Moses Monreal has been charged with 1st degree Murder and Attempted Robbery in Johnson County, Kansas from crimes on or about May 05, 2020.

Monreal remains incarcerated in the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail and once he clears extradition process we will release him to Kansas authorities.

The two men who were with Monreal in the vehicle theft in Lafayette County and fled into Livingston County remain at large but are not suspected of being in our area after a truck from the rock quarry was stolen in Blue Mound.  Those two men were reportedly not involved in the Kansas homicide.

We continue working with the Lafayette County Sheriff's Office and U.S. Marshall Office on the two stolen vehicle cases.  

Sheriff Steve Cox

Note:  All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law.  An arrest, arrest warrant and/or incarceration is merely an allegation and nothing more.

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Busy Start of the Week


Monday, May 18, 2020 started as a very busy day for the LCSO.  We were first summoned to assist the Chillicothe Police for a stolen vehicle from a business near Second and Washington Streets.  That vehicle fled from law enforcement before our officers could assist.  That same vehicle ended up fleeing from the Missouri State Highway Patrol west of Livingston County and frequently drove at high speeds in the wrong lanes of U.S. 36 and I-35.  Various agencies in that area and into Clay County were involved at different times.  LCSO officers staged at different areas as at times there was concern the pursuit was headed back this direction.

Clinton County Sheriff Larry Fish notified us the suspect taken into custody was Nicholas Paul Hagler, 26 of Independence.  Mr. Hagler has been on our Most Wanted website since April 2020 for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge's Order on Bond Conditions for original class D felony Tampering with a Motor Vehicle (Auto Theft).  Mr. Hagler was taken to Jackson County Jail on another warrant.  Mr. Hagler will eventually work through the court system and return to Livingston County Court for his alleged crimes here.


Monday morning LCSO responded to a call of a 1 vehicle accident on Highway B north of Wheeling.  Officers learned the driver had left the scene and observed a rifle inside the vehicle.  It was determined the vehicle had recently been purchased by a known felon and concern there may be alcohol and/or drugs involved with the driver.  Linn County Sheriff Henke brought his K-9 to the scene and along with LCSO and Missouri State Highway Patrol tracked the alleged driver some distance and he was taken into custody. 

Officers arrested Douglas Steven Coin, 36, Wheeling for the alleged felon in possession of firearm and Driving While Intoxicated.  MSHP Trooper took over the investigation and processed Mr. Coin.  LCSO later transported Mr. Coin to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail and formal charge has since been filed for the alleged Unlawful Possession of Firearm.  Mr. Coin remains incarcerated in lieu of $7,500 bond.

That afternoon LCSO obtained a search warrant for Mr. Coins property.  Investigation shows ammunition for that same caliber firearm and drug paraphernalia was seized during the search of the home.  Missouri State Highway Patrol assisted in serving the search warrant.


Tuesday resulted in the manhunt in southern Livingston County that resulted in 1 arrest and being unable to locate 2 additional suspects.  Followed by the investigation of a stolen vehicle from Blue Mound area reported the morning of May 20.

We continue working with the various agencies including the U.S. Marshall's Office on this case.


Great TEAM work by all involved.

Sheriff Steve Cox

NOTE:  All persons are innocent unless and until proven guilty in a Court of Law.  An arrest, arrest warrant and/or incarceration are merely allegations and nothing more.

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Suspect Charged in Livingston County


Jesse Moses Monreal

Mr. Monreal has been charged in Livingston County Associate Court today with alleged class D felony Receiving Stolen Property.  Bond was initially denied by the Court on case #20LV-CR00257.

Multiple agencies actively continuing investigations at this time and anticipate other charges from other counties in the near future.


Sheriff Steve Cox

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Update on incidents from yesterday in southern Livingston County.


Sometime overnight a 2006 Ford F250 pickup, white in color with "Quarry" on the sides in red lettering was stolen from the Quarry in Blue Mound.  The vehicle has Missouri license 5YA-P88 and is covered in dust and reportedly does not run very well.

LCSO and MSHP have searched multiple properties and buildings. 

If you see the above described vehicle please call your nearest law enforcement agency. 

We greatly appreciate everyone's assistance and understanding with this investigation.

Updated 11:00 a.m. May 20:

Investigation shows 2 persons were involved in stealing this vehicle and were tracked far enough to show they came from the direction they exited the stolen pickup from Lafayette County yesterday.  Investigation continues.  SC


Sheriff Steve Cox

One of Three Suspects Caught


Arrest photo Jesse Moses Monreal

Sometime the morning of May 19, 2020 an incident reportedly took place in Lafayette County, MO where a pickup was stolen and one of the suspects reportedly shot at the vehicle owner. 

There was a sighting of the stolen vehicle in Carroll County and at some point a pursuit took place.  The stolen vehicle was chased into Livingston County and apparently crashed on private property in a remote area generally described as south east of Dawn off LIV 437.  Occupants of the vehicle fled on foot and it is unknown at this time where the firearm reportedly used is located.

Officers from multiple agencies converged on the area and at some point a Kia type vehicle was found and fled from law enforcement taking the pursuit through south east Livingston County into Chariton County and at some point the vehicle may have wrecked and the driver was taken into custody.  We do not have that person's name or information on who all was in that vehicle but MSHP advised it was not the suspects we were looking for.  That driver is believed to have been called to pick up one or more of the suspects we were searching for.  That individual was reportedly taken to the Chariton County Jail.

Large areas of Livingston County were searched and we arrested Jesse M. Monreal, 35, Kansas, who was found hiding from law enforcement near LIV 437 and LIV 4304.  Mr. Monreal was uncooperative with law enforcement and is now incarcerated in the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail for alleged Receiving Stolen Property and Resisting Arrest-Felony in addition to potential pending charges from multiple agencies.

Not long after this arrest two women from Kansas City area arrived in a black colored charger and were briefly detained and interviewed.  They women had been summoned to the area by Mr. Monreal to pick him up. One or both may face criminal charge(s) in the future but were released today.

At the time of this press release we have not been able to find the other two suspects.  Present information is we are uncertain if the other two wanted men are white or Hispanic as we have heard multiple stories.  We currently do not have any photos or names of the remaining suspects to share with the public.  We do not believe any of these people are from here or even this general area.

We do not know if one or both of these men are still in our area and suspect they did contact someone who may have picked them up and taken them away from here.  Until we can be certain, please be extra cautious if you live or travel through the area.  Keep your homes and vehicles locked and call 911 for any emergencies or dispatch at 660-646-2121 for other needs.  Please report any suspicious activity.  LCSO and MSHP staff will try to remain in the general area tonight.  We continue to follow leads and working with other agencies on this. 

Our biggest concern is the safety of you and your family!


Law enforcement from at least the following agencies were involved in this incident in Livingston County today:

Livingston County Sheriff's Office

Carroll County Sheriff's Office

Missouri State Highway Patrol

U.S. Marshalls Office

MSHP Aircraft

Chillicothe Police

Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services

Please note that all agencies did a great job but also all of the Emergency Dispatchers should also be commended.  They had a great deal of information being thrown at them on every frequency and phone line.  They dealt with many agencies and even dispatch offices with the MSHP for Troop H, Troop A and Troop B in addition to trying to coordinate multiple chases.

The only good thing today is no one was injured and one in custody.

More information will be shared when possible.

Sheriff Steve Cox

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CCW Renewals Only


We are now renewing Concealed Carry Permits.  Anyone needing to renew their permit is asked to first call Sindy at the LCSO at 660-646-0515.

At this time we are not processing fingerprints for new CCW applications, permits for silencers, or job applicants.  We are hopeful to open that service up around June 01, 2020.  

This allows us best options to "socially distance" for the time being.  If something changes we will update this information.

Thank you for understanding.

Updates on Recent LCSO Activities.


Incident Reports:

May 04 an investigation of possible theft from a home in Utica remains under investigation.  Victim reported family members of spouse had allegedly removed items from the home without consent.  The suspect reside out of state and the LCSO has been working with a sheriff's deputy in that state regarding the investigation.

May 08 LCSO responded to call of Domestic Disturbance at a location on Highway JJ.  Investigation revealed no criminal violation took place and all persons separated for the night.

May 12 LCSO has been investigating a possible animal neglect case where a dog was not being properly fed and had no shelter.  The dog appeared to be in need of medical care.  After discussing the matter with the dog's caretaker and prosecuting attorney the dog was removed from the premises to receive care.

LCSO has been very busy with several fugitive investigations, assisting other agencies on criminal cases, and assisting with traffic accidents and other citizens needs.


Most Wanted Updates:

May 13 added Nathaniel W. Watkins, 35, Kansas City wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Violation of Bond Conditions on original class E felony Driving While Revoked/Suspended and class E felony Resisting Arrest.  Bond set at $50,000 cash by defendant only on case #20LV-CR00004-01 with warrant dated May 11, 2020.  This will be the third incarceration on this warrant for Mr. Watkins when he is located.

May 13 added Chase J. Fantazia, 29, Chillicothe, wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge's Order on original class E felony Unlawful Use of a Weapon and class D felony Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.  Bond set at $10,000 on case #19LV-CR00692 with warrant dated May 11, 2020.

May 13 added Christopher P. Graves Jr., 29, Kansas City, wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged class C felony Delivery of Controlled Substance.  Bond was set at $50,000 cash by defendant on case #19LV-CR00468-01 with warrant dated May 11, 2020.  This will be the third arrest on this case with Mr. Graves being released on bond the previous two occasions.

May 13 added Tyler Roy Summers, 25, Villa Ridge, wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged class E felony of Harassment-1st degree.  Signature bond permitted on case #20LV-CR00231 with warrant dated May 07, 2020.


Other Arrests:

May 07 LCSO extradited Kyle Austin Davis, 31, from the Scotland County Sheriff on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Failure to Obey Judges Order on original Sexual Misconduct-1st degree.  Mr. Davis was taken to Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail in lieu of $2,500 bond.

May 09 about 5:28 p.m. dispatch advised of a complaint on a possible dangerous speeding driver on U.S. 36 coming from Linn County in a Jeep.  Deputy checked that vehicles speed at 78 in a 65 and saw other issues of driver having good control of the vehicle.  Stop resulted in the arrest of Patrick Joseph Turgeon, 24, Chicago Illinois for alleged Excessive Speed and DWI.  LCSO was assisted by Missouri State Highway Patrol and Chillicothe Police Department on this investigation.

May 12 LCSO extradited Charles Spencer Henson, 30, from the Chariton County Sheriff on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge's Order on Sex Offender Registration Violation.     Mr. Henson was taken to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail in lieu of bond.



May 11 Michigan driver was cited for 88 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at LIV 255.

May 11 a Jamesport driver was cited for excessive speed in work zone on Highway 190 at the Thompson River for 45 in a 25. 


Additional Information:

May 12 LCSO transported to male detainees to the Missouri Department of Corrections per Court order.

May 13 a subsequent attempt to have Gary F. Goodhart appear on video court for his appearance on alleged criminal matters ended with a second contempt of court finding.  This incident resulted in a 90 day sentence for disorderly conduct, screaming and cursing at the Judge.  This sentence was ordered served consecutive to the previous order on May 11 where he was given a 60 day sentence for contempt of court in acting in very similar manner.  Additional services will be looked into.

LCSO has been dealing with an employee being absent for some time while following protocol for potential Covid-19 exposure.

Information we recently obtained was shared with the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail on a different detainee they have in their custody with history of extreme violence and difficulities of securing in jail environment.

This week additional LCSO staff were received firearms qualifications and training on building searches and other issues.

Thursday Sheriff Cox met with the County Commission regarding security issues at the Courthouse and activities with our office.

Currently the LCSO has 26 people in custody.


Sheriff Steve Cox

Note:  All persons are innocent unless and until proven guilty in a Court of law.  An arrest and/or arrest warrant is merely an allegation and nothing more.

Deputy Resignation


Detective Ryan Ford

Sheriff Steve Cox has accepted the resignation of Detective Ryan Ford who will be leaving around the end of May.  Mr. Ford has accepted employment in another county and the Ford family will be moving to that area closer to their family.  Mr. Ford has done a great job for the citizens of Livingston County and we will miss him.  We do wish both he and his family the best of luck.   In March 2012 Mr. Ford began working for the LCSO.

Please share your appreciation with Ryan and his family.

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Dangerous Suspect Gets More Charges

(Guilford arrest photo from 02-11-2020)

We originally shared the initial story on this the date it took place.  This is an update:

On February 11, 2020 a reportedly wanted and violent felon in Linn County fled from the Linn County Sheriff's office and into Livingston County.  That suspect evaded attempts to spike strip his vehicle tires by Livingston County Sheriff Deputy and the suspect was driving over 100 miles per hour on U.S. 36.  The suspect driver was traveling west on U.S. 36 and crossed over into the on-coming traffic in the eastbound lanes and caused several vehicles to take evasive action to avoid collisions.

At one point the suspect driver was heading to U.S. 65 going the wrong way and head-on towards a school bus which caused the school bus driver to take evasive action to avoid collision and that bus had one or more children on board at that time.

Suspect was able to get to U.S. 65 and go south at extreme speeds and was observed tossing item(s) out of the vehicle he was driving while in Livingston County.  Some evidence was recovered which supports at least one of those item(s) being tossed out was a baggie of methamphetamine.  When suspect was arrested in Saline County there was reportedly methamphetamine found in the driver's seat that appeared to have been spilled.

Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren has filed class D felony of Endangering the Welfare of a Child-1st degree-1st offense and class E felony Tampering with Physical Evidence in a Felony against Matthew E. Guilford, 38, Brookfield.  No bond was assigned to the warrant on case #20LV-CR00235.

Mr. Guilford remains incarcerated in the Macon County Jail on multiple Linn County charges from this incident.


Sheriff Steve Cox

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