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Incident Reports, Arrests and MORE


Incident Reports:

January 09 early morning LCSO caused a vehicle to be towed from U.S. 36 near the Grand River Bridge that was abandoned and a traffic hazard.

January 14 we towed an abandoned vehicle that was left on Highway C south of U.S. 36.

January 16 the LCSO stopped a person driving in Wheeling and issued a citation for alleged Driving While Revoked.

January 16 the LCSO began a burglary investigation where scheduled prescription medication was stolen from the home. A suspect was identified and multiple interviews have taken place. Report being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration.

January 17 the LCSO investigated a one vehicle traffic accident on U.S. 36 near LIV 251. The roadway was icy and the Wheeling resident lost control on the highway and struck a guardrail. Four children were reported to be in the vehicle and no injuries were reported.

January 18 the LCSO began investigation of alleged Violation of Ex-Parte Order of Protection where an adult male allegedly continued contacting an adult female who obtained the protection order. The subject was later contacted by Chillicothe PD and LCSO. Incident report being submitted to prosecuting attorney for consideration.

January 21 the LCSO investigated reported animal neglect at location in Utica. We found several puppies outside in the cold without proper protection/care. An occupant of the home reported not appreciating the young dogs were not potty-trained. We helped educate the person on the requirements of care for the animals. Additional investigation will continue.

January 21 officers from the LCSO and Missouri Probation and Parole attempted to serve a parole warrant on an adult male. A person answered the door and said the subject was in the home. Soon thereafter a female came to the door being very rude to the officers and lying about the fugitive being in the home. Officers soon found the fugitive hiding in the house. We are seeking additional charges on the fugitive for resisting arrest and for the female for hindering prosecution.

January LCSO has cleared a theft of firearm case from Utica that was reported in December 2019. Victim reported then missing Cold .357 revolver and was uncertain how long it had been gone. LCSO had recovered that same handgun in July 2019 after arresting a fugitive who was carrying that firearm at time of arrest. That person is already in Missouri Department of Corrections on charge(s) from the July incident.   Investigation of original theft continues.

January 22 the LCSO investigated a one vehicle traffic crash near Mooresville on U.S. 36 and LIV 413. The Oklahoma driver's vehicle spun out of control as it was traveling west and went off the north side of the roadway causing damage to the vehicle. Chillicothe Truck Repair recovered and towed the vehicle. No serious injuries reported.

LCSO staff are continuing to communicate with a horse owner and check the animal. We had prior complaints on concern over health of the horse. We learned the animal is an older horse, noted access to hay and water and being supplemented food. This process has led to the animal owners Vet to be involved and a plan set in place on regiment of medical care and supplement feed to help the animal gain weight. Staff will continue checking the progress.

January 22 the LCSO began investigation of distribution of controlled substance-prescription medication. A prescription medication for an adult was found in in the possession of another person. The frequently abused prescription medication had been filled about two days prior and over half of the medication was gone. The person also had a large sum of cash with the remaining medication. Investigation is continuing.

January 26 LCSO completed an investigation of alleged child abuse and sex offense allegedly committed by two adults. Incident report being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration.

January 26 the LCSO took a report of property damage to a vehicle that was parked in Wheeling. Vehicle owner uncertain if the damage took place there or while in Chillicothe on or about the 24th. Appears someone kicked the side of the vehicle causing damage. Investigation continues.

January 28 this office began an investigation of theft from a local business. It was determined the theft was from an employee and that person has admitted their action. A summons was issued to appear in Livingston County Associate Court.

LCSO continuing with sex offender registration violation investigation from January 06. Registered offender allegedly failed to report having social media account(s) but had account on line. During compliance check subject reportedly appeared to be destroying evidence on cell phone. Subject was uncooperative and combative. Cell phone was seized and investigation is continuing at this time.


Most Wanted Updates:

January 22 added Christy Lynn Russell, 43, Trenton wanted on Livingston County warrant for alleged Probation Violation on original class D felony Possession of Controlled Substance. Bond set at $10,000 on case #17LV-CR00482-01 with warrant dated January 16, 2020. UPDATE: Ms. Russell was arrested by Harrison County authorities on January 23, 2020.

January arrested Matthew J. Lohman, 33, by Cooper County authorities on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge's Order on class E felony Harassment-1st degree.  Bond set at $15,000 cash on case #19LV-CR00476. Additional warrant issued 11-12-2019 on case 19LC-CR00644 for alleged class E felony Failure to Appear.  Bond set at $5,000 cash. Lohman will be extradited at first opportunity.

January 24 added Brain A. Perry, 41, Chillicothe wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged PROBATION VIOLATION on original class D felony Possession of Controlled Substance. Arrested on January 28 by authorities in Cass County arrested Brian A. Perry. We extradited Mr. Perry on January 28 and he was taken to DDRJ in lieu of bond.

January 28 added Sierra Rose Copsey, 21, wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant 20LV-CR00062 for alleged class D felony Possession of Controlled Substance. Bond set at $15,000 and warrant dated January 28, 2020. May be with fugitive Kailean A. Volker, 33, wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Drug Trafficking-2nd degree-methamphetamine.

January 29 added Jeffery Gordon Davenport, 36, Chillicothe wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant 19LV-CR00084 for alleged Failure to Appear in Court on original class A misdemeanor Non-Support. Bond set at $2,500 cash with warrant dated January 28, 2020.

January 29 added George Joe Cunningham, 29, Kansas City, wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant 18LV-CR00426 for alleged Failure to Appear in Court on original class E felony Non-Support, Total Arrears in Excess of 12 Monthly Payments Due Under Order of support. Bond set at $5,000 cash with warrant dated January 28, 2020.

January 29 we added Davis Mathew Jeffers, 44, Braymer, wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant #19LV-Cr00683 for alleged Failure to Appear in Court on original class A misdemeanor Non-Support. Bond set at $2,500 with warrant dated January 28, 2020.

We appreciate any TIPS and you can share those through our website at www.livcoso.org or call the LCSO 660-646-0515 or Dispatch at 660-646-2121. We thank you!


Other Arrests:

January 13 the LCSO stopped a vehicle on U.S. 36 after receiving complaint about the vehicle and seeing concern the driver may be impaired. Stop resulted in the arrest of Matthew Shepherd, 31, Columbia for alleged Driving While Suspended. Mr. Shepherd was processed and released with summons.

January 27 the LCSO extradited Jared A. VanHorn from Platte County Sheriff on a Livingston County Court Order for Civil Contempt.

January 28 the LCSO arrested Elsa Lorine Morris, 38, Chillicothe on a Grundy County arrest warrant for alleged Failure to Appear in Court on an excessive speed citation. Ms. Morris posted the $135 bond and was released with a court date.



January 28 Zaki and Deputy Leadbetter were requested by the Missouri State Highway Patrol with a traffic stop on U.S. 65 near Highway JJ. The person of interest admitted to having very recently smoked the last of the methamphetamine in the vehicle. No drugs were located.



January 24 the LCSO issued a Mission Kansas driver a speeding citation for 81 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Highway 65.

January 26 an Illinois driver was cited for 90 in a 65 on U.S. 36 near Wheeling.

January 30 a Chillicothe driver was cited for expired vehicle license from October 2019 and a seat belt citation.

January 30 an inexperienced Chillicothe driver was stopped and cited for 80 in a 45 on Washington Street at Fairway.


Additional Information:

LCSO has assisted many motorists and other agencies with assistance due to vehicle problems, slide-offs and accidents recently.

Afternoon January 28 LCSO officers responded to west county line as law enforcement was in a vehicle chase with multiple suspects alleged to have been passing counterfeit bills in the Caldwell/Daviess County areas. Vehicle was fleeing law enforcement from the Gallatin area and occupants reportedly were apprehended in Breckenridge.

LCSO has many criminal and fugitive investigations we are actively working.

January 29 LCSO staff responded to the Courthouse due to a Columbia man being loud, profane and disturbing the peace. Chillicothe Police assisted the deputy at the courthouse.

January 30 the LCSO has 35 people in custody at the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail.


Sheriff Steve Cox


Note: All persons are innocent unless and until proven guilty in a Court of law. An arrest and/or arrest warrant is merely an allegation and nothing more.

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