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Deputy Sheriff/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis filed a report with our office that on the evening of September 13 after a volley ball game a juvenile male allegedly assaulted another juvenile male.  The investigation report has been submitted to the juvenile officer for further action.

On September 12, we began an investigation of property damage to a corn crop and field west of Chillicothe.  A resident reported one or more vehicles had possibly driven through a corn field damaging the land owner’s crop.  Subsequent investigation and search for the suspect vehicle(s) has not been productive as of this time.

On September 18, we began an investigation of stealing a gas power washer from a farm building near Highway N.  The power washer has a Honda motor and the investigation is continuing.

  A plot to flood and disrupt the Livingston County Jail is under investigation at this time.  Jail staff received a tip that a specific male detainee was allegedly trying to get other inmates to help in flooding the jail after the inmates receive their commissary this week.  The same detainee is also currently under investigation for alleged damage to jail property this week for breaking a meal tray and tearing up jail bedding item(s).  The detainee has been moved to an isolation cell and only given items which are absolutely necessary and given instruction on how to act and behave while in our custody.  The remainder of our detainees have been informed of this and the potential ramifications which may take place if we have any further damage to the building or attempt to plug the sewer lines. 

A detailed search of the jail for a missing piece of the broken meal tray took place and staff discovered certain contraband being 2 lighters, a small amount of tobacco, and rolling papers.  Our staff has policy and procedure on how to search incoming detainees.  Typically these items are carried by an incoming detainee in a location that is not search-able without a Court order and medical staff.   A report will be submitted to the Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney for consideration of criminal charges.

Deputy Eric Menconi spent much of September 19 in Independence on follow up for certain criminal investigation(s) from Livingston County.

On September 11, we served a Livingston County arrest warrant on Richard Wahl, 60, Chillicothe, for alleged class C felony of Bad Check violation.

Three days last week Deputy Ryan Ford attended the Protecting Children Training Conference in Omaha Nebraska.  The LCSO was given a scholarship for one deputy to attend free.  The training was reported to be excellent and will enhance Deputy Ford’s ability to better investigate crimes involving children.

On Tuesday, September 18, we hosted about 15 Missouri Sheriffs at BTC Bank meeting room for a Missouri Sheriffs Zone meeting where various topics, new laws, legal concerns, and legislative issues were discussed.

A special thanks to Representative Mike Lair for attending and his valuable input in our meeting, to Boji Stone for an excellent lunch, and to BTC Bank for their hospitality.

We currently have 32 people in custody at the Livingston County Jail, 6 of which are female detainees.

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