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Website Poll Results and Other Information

Recent POLL Results and Other Information on www.livcoso.org


The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office recently added a POLL feature to our website.  This enables us to seek public opinion on various issues and also provide education opportunities to the visitors of the website.  The poll feature can be set to allow only 1 response per IP address or by email address.  Here are the results of 2 recent polls which were on the site for 7 days each:  

  1. Detainees in the Livingston County Jail remain in their individual cell 23 hours per day.  They have 1 hour exercise daily in the large day room.  Do you agree with this level of safety and security for the detainees, staff, and the community?  There were 76 “Yes” responses to being in favor of this while there were 12 “No” responses and only 2 with “No Opinion.  Sheriff Cox was approached by one citizen who reported checking the “No” box because he thought the detainees should be in their cell 24 hours per day.

Sheriff Cox would like to note that by federal guidelines we treat all detainees equally.  The level of security minimizes opportunities for inmate on inmate violence, inmate violent to staff, destruction of county property, reduction in costs for inmate medical care, reduces time required from road deputies and the sheriff in dealing with detainees in the jail or transports for medical care, reduces utility costs, reduces opportunity for escape from confinement, and greatly enhances overall safety and security for staff, detainees, and the community.

In 2012 and prior to our more restrictive policy of 23 hours per day locked in cell pods, we dealt with 2 men escape from custody of our jail, multiple assaults between inmates, and various threats of violence to staff and even their families.  One inmate on inmate assault resulted in over $10,000 in medical care expenses alone.


  1. What program would you most like to attend and participate with the Livingston County Sheriff's Office?  Results of those who participated:


           i.      Sheriff Citizen Academy            20%

           ii.      Drug Trends/Investigations        25%

           iii.      POWER UP for women           25%

           iv.      Identity Theft and Scams           10%

            v.      Defensive Driving                      5%

            vi.      None of the Above                   15%


We hope to use this information and will consider hosting another Sheriffs Citizen Academy (SCA) and include most of these segments in that SCA.

For September 2012 your website for the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office had a total of 6,552 visits from unique IP addresses with a total number of 25,312 visits to our site. The same time period also logged a total of 321,008 pages viewed and a whopping 1,319,165 hits.

We thank everyone who has taken part in our polls and utilizes our website for detailed information about our office and jail.

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