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New Press Release




October 11, 2011


Sheriff Steve Cox




1.      On October 05, we transported 3 men to the Missouri Department of Corrections in St. Joseph:

a.       Joseph Henry Pratt, 48, Richmond, on new commitment for delivery of controlled substance.

b.      Brian L. Cheek, 34, Vidor Texas, on new commitment for criminal non-support.

c.       Kevin Lee Case, 41, Chillicothe, on a parole violation warrant.


2.      On October 06, we transported 2 women to the Missouri Department of Corrections in Vandalia:

a.       Sarah Irene Webb, 23, Farmersville

b.      Joyce Marie Alumbaugh, 34, Mooresville


3.      On October 10, a female surrendered herself to the LCSO to begin a 60 day jail sentence on a stealing charge.  The detention staff found the lady allegedly had contraband item(s) in her purse after denying any such items were with her.  Further investigation resulted in the female removing a large zip lock style bag from a body cavity which contained a variety of additional contraband and medication.  The evidence was seized and a report is being submitted to Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren for consideration of criminal charge(s).


4.      On October 10, a deputy made a traffic stop on U.S. 36 for excessive speed and issued the Brookfield driver a citation for driving while revoked.


5.      On October 10, we began an investigation of burglary and property damage at a location on Liv 306 near Bedford.  Between September 24 and October 10, unknown person(s) forced entry into the building and removed several fishing poles, dvd/vcr player, deer stand, hoist, and other items.  Investigation is continuing.


6.      On October 10, we began an investigation after receiving a complaint from a Chillicothe R-II bus driver of a person failing to stop for the school bus while loading/unloading children with stop arm extended.  The investigation resulted in a citation being issued to Janet Caselman, 56, Wheeling, for the alleged violation.


7.      On October 10, about 4:30 in the morning a deputy was on H black top on a call for service and topped a hill when he discovered several cattle in and around the roadway.  The deputy attempted to avoid the livestock but struck a cow which caused minor damage to the patrol vehicle.  The MSHP was summoned to investigate the accident.  A resident was contacted regarding ownership of the livestock and he responded to the scene.


8.      On October 09, we responded to the area of 3rd and Grandview Streets with the Chillicothe Police regarding a call of a domestic assault and a female hiding in a field outside of the city limits.  Investigation revealed no credible evidence an assault had taken place.  The female admitted to recently using alcohol and methamphetamine.  No illegal items were found and the female was given proper assistance.


9.      On October 09, we responded to a location near Ludlow to assist an

ambulance with a juvenile patient.  Upon arrival we learned the parent was also present and the juvenile was transported for medical attention.


10.  On October 07, we arrested Heather Mae Fenton, 37, Columbia, on an out of

county warrant for alleged failure to appear in Court on a speeding citation.  Ms. Fenton subsequently posted bond.


11.  On October 05, Deputy/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis filed a report with our office regarding a juvenile at the Chillicothe High School allegedly found to be in possession of an unopened can of beer which the student claimed was supposed to have been sold to someone else.  The parent(s) of the juvenile were contacted and the school is taking administrative steps with this incident.  A report is being submitted to the juvenile office.


12.  On October 10, we began an investigation of reported stolen prescription of Dilaudid from a location in Wheeling.  The victim reported returning home and finding the residence had been gone through and the prescription of 200 tablets of Dilaudid were missing.  Investigation continues.


13.  On September 28, Deputy/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis investigated a reported assault at the parking lot of the Chillicothe High School.  The report indicates 2 female students had been having conflict with each other and apparently words were spoke which inflamed the situation.  The victim reported being seated in the car and the other female allegedly punching her as she was seated.  Parent(s) were notified and the school has taken disciplinary action.  A report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration.


14.  On September 30, Deputy/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis filed an investigation report with our office regarding an alleged assault in the parking lot of the Chillicothe High School.  The investigation report shows that a juvenile male allegedly had been bothering and/or inappropriately touching a female student and there was conflict between those two students.  Later in the day a juvenile male confronted the male involved in the previous incident and after discussion allegedly struck the victim on the face with a fist and damaged the victim’s glasses.  Parent(s) have been notified and students interviewed.  A report is being submitted to the juvenile authorities for consideration.  The school is taking administrative action where appropriate.


15.  A recent investigation of an abandoned dog in Ludlow has resulted in a Chillicothe man being given a citation for alleged animal neglect.  The dog has been picked up for proper care.


16.  Yesterday afternoon we responded to a location on CC where an accident was reported between a combine and a parked vehicle.  We assisted the MSHP with the investigation.


17.  On October 10 we received a report of a window peeker at a location in Wheeling.  The unknown male was reported to be looking into a window at a female around 5:50 a.m.  Investigation continues.


18.  On October 11 a resident reported his riding lawn mower as missing.  Investigation revealed a friend had borrowed the mower and was in process of returning the machine.


19.  The LCSO staff has remained very busy with a variety of on-going criminal investigations, calls for service, assisting other agencies, searching for stolen property, assisting with jail needs due to


20.  We currently have 40 persons in custody, 8 of which are female detainees and 1 detainee is on high risk observation.


21.  If you have any information on these or other crimes then please call us at 660-646-0515.

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