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News on Local Events with the LCSO


 burglar pic


On the early morning of November 26, we began an investigation of a residential burglary near Liv 216 and Liv 239.  Suspect(s) entered the home and removed at least 2 laptop computers while the occupants of the home were sleeping.  We have been exchanging information with the Chillicothe as they have a very similar burglary which is apparently related to our investigation that took place the same morning in a similar fashion.  Various leads are being followed up.


On the morning of November 26, Deputy Sheriff/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis investigated a fight on a school bus between two students and a disturbance in the commons area of the high school.  One student is reported to have been involved in both incidents.  At the school it was reported the student was creating a large disturbance to the facility and the student refused administrative staff’s requests to calm down and report to an office.  Deputy Lewis detained the juvenile and involved the parent(s) and juvenile officer.  Administrative action is being handled by school officials and a report has been submitted to the juvenile officer for consideration of charge(s).


Recently we assisted the Ray County Sheriff’s Office with an investigation and located 3 allegedly stolen vehicles at a location near Utica.  One or more of the vehicles has been crushed.  The information obtained has been shared with Ray County authorities

On November 28, we investigated a one vehicle accident which took place on U.S. 36 near Wheeling.  The driver had left the area and spoke with the deputy in Chillicothe.  The person explained she was having an argument with her boyfriend on the cell phone and accidentally drove off the roadway.  No report was needed as the only thing damaged was her pride.


On November 29, we investigated a report of a stolen bronze flower vase from a grave site at the cemetery near Mooresville.  We believe this took place several weeks ago and we are adding this to the list of thefts from the alleged suspects in a nearby county jail.  A report will be submitted to the prosecuting attorney office for review.

 deer pic

On November 29, just after 6:00 a.m., Sheriff Cox investigated a one vehicle traffic accident on U.S. 65 north of Liv 222.  The Mercer County driver was southbound and attempted to slow/stop when he saw several deer in the highway.  The small pickup smashed into 2 deer, killing both.  The vehicle traveled off the west side of U.S. 65 and the front end went into a ditch at a sharp enough of an angle that the vehicle flipped end over end coming to rest on its top.  The one occupant was then trapped inside the vehicle and the Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services responded with ambulance and rescue truck.  Extrication equipment was used to remove the driver who refused medical attention at the scene.


On the night of November 20, the LCSO and Missouri State Highway Patrol were summoned to a private residence west of Chillicothe off highway 190 for a reported youth alcohol party.  As the officers arrived it was noted a number of persons possibly under the age of 21 ran from the area.  Officers saw alcohol beverage on the property and although no minor was found and/or charged as of this time, some minors were noted to allegedly have consumed intoxicants and parent(s) were notified to retrieve their child.  An investigation is continuing on the source of the alcoholic beverage(s).  The owners of the home have basically reported being asleep and unaware persons other then their child(ren) was home.  Investigation continues.

Also this weekend deputies were at private property near Wheeling and found a couple of young men allegedly in possession of intoxicants.  The parent(s) were notified and the investigation is continuing at this time as to the source(s) of the alcoholic beverages.  No one has been cited at the time of this press release.


Staff from the LCSO has continued being busy with a few detainees who allegedly intentionally cause disturbance(s) and other problems in the jail.  One male detainee has received due process hearings for frequently calling a female detention officer foul and vulgar names at his leisure.  At his hearing the detainee told the sheriff he would not apologize to the female officer for his specific acts, he could care less about the jail rules, and he would call whomever whatever he wants when he wants. The same detainee spent part of a day yelling obscenities about the sheriff and twice has been in the restraint chair. The detainee also lost all his privileges for a specific length of time. 

This is not something unusual for jails or just specific to Livingston County.  It is our belief the public has a right to know what we deal with inside the facility.


On November 24, we began an investigation at a business just east of Chillicothe as unknown person(s) entered a home for sale and caused property damage once inside the residence.  We have continued with this investigation and are still chasing down some leads on the crime.

On November 26, we arrested Austin Richard Holstine, 19, Chillicothe, on a Carroll County arrest warrant for alleged Probation Violation on original convictions of two counts 2nd Degree Burglary and Theft/Stealing less then $500 in addition to one count of 2nd Degree Property Damage, bond was set at $20,000 cash.  We transferred Mr. Holstine to the custody of the Carroll County Sheriff.

On November 30, we served a Linn County arrest warrant on Robert E. Jones, 38, Chillicothe for alleged 2 counts of class A misdemeanor Theft/Stealing, bond $1,000.


On November 30, 2012 we served a Livingston County arrest warrant on John William Shermuly, 35, Marceline, for alleged Failure to Appear in Court on class D felony of Non-Support.  Mr. Shermuly surrendered himself to the LCSO and was incarcerated in lieu of $9,200 cash bond.


Over the weekend we assisted the Missouri State Highway Patrol with traffic accidents on Route V where a large truck was stuck and completely blocking the highway on or near a sharp curve.  We also assisted with other accidents in the county.

Last week we handled a significant amount of Court with at least ten detainees traveling to Associate Court in one day for appearances.


We currently have 37 people incarcerated in the Livingston County Jail, 7 of which are female detainees.

If you have any information on these or other crimes then please call us at 660-646-0515.



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