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New Press Release




October 18, 2011


Sheriff Steve Cox




A complaint of loud music at a location in Avalon was recently investigated.  The caller advised a neighbor refuses to turn down his music.  A deputy spoke with the suspect and the matter was not resolved.  The report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charges.


On October 15, we began an investigation of a dog bite to a mother and child which took place in the area of Liv 503.  Apparently there has been a stray blackLabradorin the area and has always seemed friendly but when the young child stepped on the dog it bit the child at which time the mother took action and the dog bit the female.  The report shows both injuries as minor and the victims sought medical attention.  Several searches for the dog have been unproductive.  A copy of the report is being submitted to theLivingstonCountyHealthCenter. 


On October 13, Deputy/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis filed a report with our office after investigating a misdemeanor drug crime at theChillicotheHigh School.  A juvenile was allegedly found to be in possession of less then 35 grams of marijuana at the school.  The parent(s) and juvenile officer were contacted and a report is being submitted to the juvenile office.  Chillicothe R-II is taking administrative action on the matter as well.


On October 10, Deputy/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis filed a report with our office regarding an alleged assault which took place at theChillicotheHigh School.  The investigation resulted in the arrest of Donald Jordan Bigby, 17,Chillicothefor alleged assault.  Mr. Bigby was incarcerated in the Livingston County Jail pending formal charges being filed.  The reported victim in this was a juvenile and all parent(s) were contacted.  Chillicothe R-II is taking administrative action on this incident.


Last week we asked for public assistance on finding 3 men wanted onLivingstonCountyarrest warrants.  Kenneth Tillson was one of those men and he has been apprehended inSpringfield.  We are extraditing Mr. Tillson from Greene County Sheriff today.  We appreciate all the tips from the public.


Last night the detention staff reported basically a riot situation in men cell areas 1 and 2.  Staff documented yelling and screaming profanity, beating on jail property, refusing to comply with detention officer orders, refusal to adhere to jail rules, trashing the cell areas and security hallway, attempting to flood cell areas (water was subsequently shut off) and an unlawful burning or an attempted arson in the cell where smoke was discovered at 4:05 a.m. (Fortunately did not require a response from the fire department).  Assistance was obtained from our sworn staff and the Chillicothe Police. 

Upon serving breakfast this morning 3 men were reported to throw their cereal, milk, and donut onto the floor and allegedly encouraged others to do the same. 

Additional steps have been taken for safety and security of our detainees, staff, building, and the community.   We have removed basically all property from the detainees in these two areas and the men will only be given bedding items through the night.  We are altering the menu to still provide quality and nutritious food, but serving a menu which is much easier to clean up. 

During the search we discovered a lighter in one mans cell (who was reported to have allegedly incited the riot and recklessly burning).  These men and areas were completely searched and are on maximum security lock down (23 hours a day) until further notice for the safety and security of all involved and the organization.  One suspect was removed from the cell area and placed in a maximum security cell due to continued attempt to incite other detainees in the jail. 

We are still investigating how the lighter made it into the jail but typically these are smuggled into the jail in a person’s body cavity. 

We have arrested Eric Deshaum Campbell, 22, Chillicothe for alleged Reckless Burning and Inciting a Riot.  A report is being submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney for consideration of charges.  Mr. Campbell is already being held in the Livingston County Jail for alleged felony drug violation and has a $50,000 cash bond.

Fortunately the fire in the jail was not more serious with no physical damage to the jail taking place and no one was injured.  We will not permit violent behavior from anyone at the county jail, especially when it threatens the safety of other detainees, staff, or the public. 

The detainees have been given the mandatory 24 hour notice of a due process hearing for potential disciplinary action within the jail facility.  While investigative reports are being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charges.


On October 17, we responded to a call of domestic assault at a location inUtica.  The female victim reported the male suspect had struck her in the face with an object in his hand.  There was evidence present of a physical assault.  The male was reported to have fled prior to officer’s arrival and a search of the area did not reveal his presence.  The female and children were leaving to a safe location and a report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of criminal charges.


On October 17, we investigated a report of assault atSouthWestSchool.  Information was obtained that a male student allegedly assaulted another male student by intentionally striking him in the groin area.  The assault victim was reported to be a juvenile.  The investigation shows the parent and juvenile do not want any prosecution on the matter as they are friends with the reported suspect and referred to the matter as “Horse Play”.  The school is open to continue with administrative action but no report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney.


Last Tuesday, Sheriff Cox attended the Wheeling andUtica Town meetings where area information was exchanged.


We currently have 38 people in custody at the Livingston County Jail, 8 of which are female detainees.


If you have any information on these or other crimes, please call us at 660-646-0515.



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