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New Press Release




October 26, 2011 


Sheriff Steve Cox





1.      This morning at 1041 hours Livingston County E-911 Dispatch received a call of a possible deceased person.  Investigation by the LCSO and Livingston County Coroners Office shows that an elderly female had apparently passed away this morning and no evidence of anything other then natural causes has been discovered.  The incident happened in the 4000 block of Highway V.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends, and loved ones.


2.      At 1140 this morning a male detainee in the Livingston County Jail allegedly attempted suicide by attempting to hang himself in an area of the cell which is not permitted to be continually viewed by camera.  The individual had not previously displayed symptoms of being suicidal or in need or intervention.  The subject was in a cell area with 4 other male detainees when he jumped off the toilet ion attempt to end his life by hanging.  One male detainee in the area had been attempting to talk him out of this and immediately alerted detention staff to the activity after the man jumped.  Detention Officer Ed Maberry was first to assist the victim and requested additional assistance at which time another male detainee then helped hold the male up so the victim could breathe until additional help arrived.  Dispatch requested the Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services and the Chillicothe Police respond as the sheriff and deputy were in Chula on other investigations.  The victim was provided first aide and examined by CDES Ambulance staff.  Our jail doctor was informed of the situation and we are following the doctor’s orders and the detainee is in a high risk watch cell at this time.

The rest of the story is allegedly 2 other men in this cell area chose to not notify staff or attempt to assist but rather sit back laughing and joking about the events they had just witnessed.  Another detainee in a cell block across the hallway was allegedly openly boasting that he had been telling the man how to kill himself and previously told him he needed to jump hard off of the toilet and basically admitted to encouraging the man to attempt to end his life; all while describing how funny he thought it was to have watched this happen and being critical of the victim. 

We are preparing a report for the prosecuting attorney for consideration of any applicable charges.  We are also giving notice of a due process hearing to the detainees as jail rules require they immediately notify staff if they are concerned that anyone becomes a threat to themselves or others.

Fortunately the victim in this case was not seriously injured.

Sheriff Cox has notified the applicable prosecuting attorney’s and Court on behalf of the two other male detainees who displayed compassion, good citizenship, and helping save human life by either notifying the detention staff or assisting the detention staff during a critical situation. Those two men are currently being held on a failure to appear warrant for excessive speed and the other for a Chillicothe Municipal laws violation.   

We also commend Detention Officer Maberry for his prompt professional actions in saving human life in addition to much appreciation for the assistance from the CPD and CDES.



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