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Weeks Events

The LCSO has been receiving several complaints from area residents of basically being harassed by telephone from scammers who are claiming to be in the United States and assuring the target victims they have won large sums of money.  Several residents have reported the scammers continue to call them and use forceful tactics in attempt to compel them to send money.  Some have reported these scammers becoming belligerent and insulting when unsuccessful in their goals to rip people off. 

The best advice is to never send personal data or give these people the time of day.  You only have an opportunity to win something you enter and NEVER wire money.  Why would anyone send you a check for more then they claim they owe you and ask you to wire the extra back to them?


On the morning of March 14 we responded to South West School over concern of a child custody issue that was brought to the school.


We are currently investigating two separate reports of possible identity theft.  The victims are reporting someone has opened a cellular phone account in their name and identifiers.  We are currently working with the fraud unit of the business and will forward all information to the respective agencies.

On March 09 we investigated a report of stolen license plate from a Dawn resident.  The victim noticed different license plates on his/her vehicle and reported their assigned license plates had been removed.  The license plates replaced on the victim’s vehicle had been stolen from a vehicle in Independence sometime in January.


On March 09 we responded to a location in the southern part of the county regarding a juvenile intending or attempting to run-a-way.  Information has been submitted to the juvenile office.


March 12 we began an investigation of stealing from private property on Liv 216.  Those responsible stole various equipment and car parts in addition to items of scrap metal.


On March 13 a deputy and CPD officer served a Livingston County arrest warrant on Dylan Grant Townsend, 17, Chillicothe for alleged Probation Violation on a conviction for Distributing or Delivering not more then 5 grams of Marijuana.  The Court denied bond on the arrest warrant.


On March 07 a deputy arrested Ashlei Sue Hamilton, 23, Jamesport after she surrendered to the LCSO on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged failure to appear in Court on allegations of possession of synthetic marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Ms. Hamilton posted $1,000 bond and was released pending Court appearance.


We have completed an investigation of possible child neglect and the reports are being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charges.

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week we had a total of 20 Livingston County detainees appear before Judge Thomas Chapman and/or Judge James P. Valbracht for criminal or traffic case appearances.  On Tuesday the following people were sentenced to the Missouri Department of Corrections:


            Jeff G.  Davenport, 29, Chillicothe to 3 years for Property Damage


            James L. Boyd, 47, Mooresville to 5 years for DWI


            John F. Pollock, 35, Chillicothe to 3 years for Stealing


            Sean J. Stretch, 24, Breckenridge 3 years and 5 years for Stealing


            Lewis J. Long, 27, Rayville to 4 years for Controlled Substance violation


            Christy L. St. Clair, 33, Liberty 120 day treatment


            Christine Kennedy, 27, Ludlow 3 years for Controlled Substance violation.


            Amber R. Dabbs, 25, Chillicothe 3 years on Burglary/Stealing

The LCSO staff has remained extremely busy with Court, calls for service, criminal investigations, and preparing for work to continue with the departure of our dispatchers today.


If you have any information on these or other crimes then please call us at 660-646-0515.

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