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Livingston County Sheriff's Office
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2010 End of Year Summary




January 15, 2011


Sheriff Steve Cox




The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office 2010 End of Year Summary:


            Road Patrol/Administrative Information:


a.       Our organization is permitted 6 full time road deputies and the sheriff.

b.      We have 4 paid reserve deputies which includeJim Fox (Bailiff),Kurt Reith,Mike Lewis, andKevin Lovewell.

c.       We cover 538 square miles inLivingstonCounty.

d.      Our patrol fleet consists of 3 four wheel drive pickups, and 5 police package patrol cars.  The average mileage per vehicle is approximately 96,804.

e.       In 2010 we logged approximately 140,000 miles while responding to calls for service, routine patrol, transporting prisoners, conducting investigations, and any travel for training.

f.        E-911 Dispatch logged 6,144 calls for service.  The Records Management System does not tally the 911 calls which required dispatch of the Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services or Chillicothe Police Department.

g.       Sworn Staff completed 412 Criminal Incident Investigations.  These reports do not include all informational reports or situations where additional investigation was not required.

h.       We arrested 334 persons in 2010.

i.         Deputies made 616 vehicle stops of which 556 drivers where white and 60 drivers were of other race, and 417 were male and 199 were female.

j.        We transported 52 persons on 96-hour Court orders to a mental or medical treatment facility.

k.      We served1,631 Civil Court Process Papers.

l.         We monitor and register 42 persons on the Sex Offender Registry forLivingstonCounty (available free at our dispatch office).

m.     We issued 78 new Concealed Carry Permits.

n.       We renewed 73 Concealed Carry Permits.

o.      Authorized salary for a new deputy sheriff is $24,453.68.


Jail Operations:


a.       We operate a 48-bed jail facility with 1 padded cell for special need detainees.

b.      Our organization is permitted 5 full time and1 part time detention officers, which includes a jail administrator. We also have 1 part time nurse. 

c.       The sheriff and deputies assist the detention staff on a daily basis.

d.      In 2010 we had an average daily jail population of 60 detainees per day.

e.       We had 2,340 adults visit detainees at our jail during 2010; this figure excludes the number of children in attendance with a parent or guardian and attorney/legal, clergy, medical, or counselor visits.

f.        We dispensed medication to detainees 21,960 times.

g.       We inspected and/or monitored 38,064 pieces of mail (excluding legal mail).

h.       We prepared and served 65,700 meal trays for detainees.

i.         We had multiple occasions which required an outsourcing of detainees to other facilities either due to a conflict of interest (such as LCSO employee being an alleged victim of a certain detainee), by Court order, or due to excessive numbers of special need detainees in custody (such as more than 1 suicidal person in custody).

j.        We had several hundred prisoner transports to the local hospital, doctor, dentist, mental health, and eye doctor during 2010.

k.      We spent $20,674 on Medical Care for detainees, of which we are continuing to attempt to collect from the same detainees.

l.         Utilities and telephone service to operate theLivingston County Jail and facility was $40,791.00.

m.     Authorized salary for a new E-911 Dispatcher or Detention Officer is $22,226.24.





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