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Mobile Data Terminals Grant Funded

Livingston County Sheriff’s Office

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In 2011 the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office was a recipient of a grant by the Missouri Police Chief’s Charitable Foundation that was approximately $36,500 for the purchase and installation of equipment to place Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) in five road patrol deputies patrol vehicles.   Each vehicle equipment and installation was approximately $7,300.   This grant was completed and supervised by Livingston County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Michael Claypole.  These computers are currently installed and being used by the deputies.   The computers allow the deputies to have immediate access to Department of Revenue records which allow the deputy to check drivers license status, drivers license photos, vehicle registration, for active warrants, probation and parole, and misc other items with Department of Revenue records.    This alone saves valuable time for our office and increased the officer safety for our deputies.   Prior to the computers the deputy had to radio in to a dispatcher all of the information and then the dispatcher checked with the Department of Revenue and then radioed all of the information back.  Now the deputies have the same access as the dispatcher which eliminates possible vital information being missed due to radio traffic or other circumstances, plus it allows the deputies to have the information in front of them.  Stolen vehicles that are entered into the computer system can be observed by the deputy immediately as the deputies can check the vehicle registration prior to conducting the traffic stop.  Our office is in the process of installing on the Mobile Data Terminals a report writing software which will allow the deputies to complete incident reports, accident reports, arrest reports, DWI reports, and various other reports all from the vehicle.    This will save time for the deputies as currently the deputy will respond on the call for service, gather information, and then has to return to the Sheriff’s Office to complete the report on a computer at the office.   Once this is installed they can complete the report and required paperwork in the vehicle and still be visible in the communities and able to perform other activities while completing the reports.   Once printers are purchased and installed in the patrol vehicles it will allow the deputies to take victim statements on some incidents in the field instead of having to have the victim of a crime drive to the Sheriff’s Office to complete a statement, thus saving the victim precious time and money, and saving our deputy time as well.  The new software will include computer aided dispatching which will allow the dispatcher to enter into a computer in front of them information about a call for service whether its an emergency call or non-emergency call and then allow the dispatcher to dispatch the deputy to that call via the MDT.   This will save precious seconds on emergency calls as currently the dispatcher gets all of the information and then has to radio the information to the deputy and then the dispatcher enters all of the information into a computer software program.  The new process will allow the dispatcher to enter the information directly into the computer and it will appear on the deputy’s computer.   The MDT’s will be beneficial in many other ways which included racial profile reporting, mileage records, evidence collection reports, fuel tracking records, warrant requests, and other daily activities that deputies perform that currently require them to gather information and then drive back to the office to complete. 

It is grants like these that provide much needed equipment to our deputies to assist them in the performance of their jobs.   The time and potential cost savings of the equipment and access in the patrol vehicles alone will offset the initial cost of the equipment and installation, not to mention the increased officer safety potential of having the information first hand at a much quicker time frame.

Any questions regarding the information on this equipment can be requested by contacting Sgt. Michael Claypole at the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office 660-646-0515.

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