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Incidents, Arrests, and Prisoner Transports


On Wednesday afternoon an unusual incident happened near the Associate Courtroom.  Staff reported that earlier in the day a person in custody on an unrelated and alleged felony matter appeared in traffic court on a ticket for alleged no proof of auto insurance.  The defendant was not going to be represented by council and apparently wanted to dispose of the citation and pled guilty to the summons.  The Judge and Prosecutor did the person a favor and a two day concurrent jail sentence was given since that person was already incarcerated on another matter.  The Court typically does this with minor traffic offenses when anyone is already incarcerated so they can simply avoid paying an additional fine/court costs and basically save the defendant money while also disposing of the case.

That afternoon one of the parent(s) is alleged to have gone to the courthouse and verbally confronted that Judge ot the point 2 deputies responded to the area due to the volume of confrontation.  Fortunately the angry person left the situation without further incident at that time.

The rest of the story is a Livingston County deputy sheriff was the person that had issued the defendant that initial citation but had also given the same person a warning after being stopped for 78 in a 55 on highway 190.  The deputy did the right thing in giving the citizen a warning for speeding and a citation for the insurance proof violation and not "doubling up" on the defendant.  The court also did the right and reasonable thing in treating the defendant the same as they do others in a similar situation.

Under no circumstance is it advisable to be confrontational with any Judge over any issue.



April 24 we served a Livingston County arrest warrant non Shawn Randolph Myers, 42, Chillicothe for alleged Probation Violation on original conviction of class C felony Sex Offender Registration Violation.  Bond was denied by the court.  Mr. Myers was transferred to the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail.


April 23 we served a Livingston County arrest warrant on Duane Allan Waltz, 42, Chillicothe for alleged Failure to Appear in Court on an original charge of Failure to Register a Motor Vehicle.  Mr. Waltz posted bond and was released.


April 22 we investigated a dog bite to a citizen in Utica.  Victim received medical attention and the matter remains under investigation.


This week the LCSO caused the following people to be transported to the Missouri Department of Corrections after receiving their convictions from Livingston County Circuit Court:

Patricia Jane Folsom, 59, Chillicothe      Distribution Controlled Substance          15 years consecutive


Janie Nicole Pinkston, 28, Chillicothe     Possession Controlled Substance          CODS 120 program


Sarah Denise Morris, 30, Tennessee       Possession Controlled Substance          2 years consecutive


Kevin Dwayne Gray, 46, Chillicothe        Dist. Controlled Substance Near School 10 years concurrent with other Liv Co case, but consecutive with any other

                                                            Dist. Controlled Substance Near School 10 years concurrent with other Liv Co case, but consecutive with any other


Blaze Morgan Hussey, 19, Chillicothe     Dist. Controlled Substance                    Institutional Post Conviction Drug Treatment Program


Michael T. Curtis, 33, Chillicothe             Enticement of a Child                            11 years consecutive


James Lee McCoy, 37, Chillicothe          Non-Support                                         4 years consecutive

                                                            Possession Controlled Substance          7 years consecutive


William Darrell Coleman, 36, Chillicothe  Failing to Register                                 3 years consecutive


Paul A. Buckner, 33, Marceline               Possession Controlled Substance          7 years consecutive CODS 120 program


Steven Ray Periman, 40, Jamesport       Possession Controlled Substance          5 years consecutive


Currently we have 42 people incarcerated in the Davies-Dekalb County Regional Jail.


If you have information on these or other crimes we ask that you call us at 660-646-0515.

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