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Strange Day at Court

The Daviess DeKalb County Regional Jail reported 2 incidents at the jail allegedly involving Livingston County detainees.


1.        A male detainee assaulted another male detainee yesterday.  When jail staff attempted to remove the aggressive person he allegedly fought with the jail staff.  That detainee is potentially facing additional charges of assault to the detainee and to staff.


2.       A different male detainee was scheduled for Court this morning in Livingston County.  Jail staff reported the man was being aggressive and displaying violent behavior.  Apparently the detainee calmed down to travel to Court but during the trip he allegedly became very disruptive and a safety problem for the transport.  The detainee was removed to a smaller caged vehicle and sent back to DDCRJ to be housed as we were not allowing the violent behavior into the Courthouse or Court room.


The other incident was before afternoon Court when a defendant and significant other arrived for a hearing.  Apparently outside the courthouse a former spouse or significant other approached the two and some type of disturbance took place that was partially witness by a local attorney.  LCSO staff then investigated the matter with none of the participants willing to tell us what happened.  Additional security was maintained at the Courthouse until that group was gone from the area.


Tips for proper attitude and attire when attending Court (regardless if it is criminal, civil, or probate).


1.        Dress for Success.  Do not come in your pajamas, flip-flops, wearing attire displaying graphic images or standing for a certain cause.  No shorts allowed.


2.       Men need to tuck in their shirts.


3.        No hats.


4.       No cell phones or electronic devices permitted in the Courtroom.


5.       Purses and bags should be locked in the trunk of your vehicle.


6.       Obviously no weapons including pocket knives.


7.       No loud talking. 


8.       Do not be a disruption when Court is in session. 


9.       Do not communicate to the detainees or anyone in custody.  This includes verbal and non-verbal.


10.   Do not take drink or food into the Court.


11.   Do not use profanity toward the Judge, other staff, witnesses or victim.


12.   Be punctual.  Missing Court can potentially cause a warrant issued for your arrest.


13.   Do not argue with or interrupt the Judge.  Allow your attorney to talk for you unless otherwise instructed. 


14.   Do not make demands of the Judge, Bailiff or other Court Staff.


15.   The Bailiff’s primary obligation is the safety of the Judge.  The bailiff is also there to protect Court staff, detainees, and any citizens that may be in attendance.


By sharing these tips I hope that it will prevent someone from making bad choices in Court.  By law a Judge can hold someone in contempt of Court for up to 6 months without a trial.  About 98% of the people who go through the Court system here are compliant and reasonable but we do occasionally see activity that is unacceptable.


Steve Cox


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