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Shortage of Staff at LCSO

Last week I accepted the resignation of 2 deputies in our office and both intend on working here through September 08.  

Jacob Peterson has less than 1 year of service while Chris Mueller has several years of law enforcement experience between our office and the Chillicothe Police Department. Both men will soon be working for the Chillicothe Police Department.  

On Sept. 02 I also accepted the resignation of Reserve Deputy Sheriff Ryan Ford as he received orders to cease being a reserve deputy sheriff by his superior(s) at the CPD.

This leaves our office with one new deputy still in field training time as he replaced former full time deputy Ryan Ford who left the LCSO for the more attractive pay and benefit package provided by the City of Chillicothe. We have one deputy and one reserve deputy who are restricted to light duty.  Therefore our office is down to 3 full time deputies and the sheriff working the road and performing all our duties for the public and courts.

This will impact our ability to provide coverage, we will have times when response time to non-emergency calls for service is long, speed of service and investigations will slow, and there will be times when only one of us is on call.

One of our former deputies put it best in that walking across the street they can see around $500 plus dollars per month difference in salary and benefits, have multiple officers on per shift for immediate backup, minimal time on-call and be properly paid for all their overtime worked and holidays.

It is my opinion that unless and until the Livingston County Commission are both willing and financially capable to seriously and adequately address the issues of employee pay and benefits in Livingston County that our office and other officials in the Courthouse will continue to lose employees to the City of Chillicothe and other public and private entities primarily over base salaries and benefits.  This office is known as a training ground for new deputies and our people continue to be recruited by other organizations.  The Commission should at least strive to provide an employment package for all county employees with the idea of parity to the City of Chillicothe.

Currently the annual salary for a Livingston County deputy starts at $26,189 and grant money from Deputy Sheriff Salary Supplemental Fund boost their pay to equal $28,000 per year. (There is no guarantee that grant will be provided to this office each year.)

We must be able to attract and hire quality candidates and then retain those employees!  The value of experience for an employee regardless in the sheriff’s office or any office of the courthouse is not something which can be measured.  The costs of recruiting, hiring and training a deputy sheriff is significant and impacts our budget and ability to provide coverage in Livingston County.

We have several very good deputies who wish to remain here and there are some very good officers in the local area who wish to join our organization but cannot with the primary reason being money in salary and benefits as compared to where they are.  We also have some very good deputies that are looking at other employment options which are attractive due to the salary, hours and benefits being offered.

Even though it saddens us, please join in wishing Chris Mueller and Jacob Peterson the best at their new job.  They are good people and we are thankful for the time they were here with us.



Steve Cox


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