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Investigations, Prisoner Transports, and Other Information


The LCSO has had 3 long days of security at the Courthouse this week.  A deputy escorted one man from the Courthouse as he was vocalizing his displeasure on the outcome of a criminal case.

December 10 involved contacting and organizing the removal of cattle from private property in the northwest part of Livingston County.  Cattle have gotten onto a neighbors and the LCSO has worked with organizing the livestock owner in removing the animals this week.

The LCSO is continuing with the investigation of property damage at Southwest School.  Any additional leads are and will be followed up with.

The LCSO is working with the Division of Family Services on a potential child offense.  Further investigation is planned for December 11.

December 10 Sheriff Cox made an unannounced visit to the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail.  While there the sheriff viewed the entire facility and spoke with several Livingston County detainees about the facility and care they are receiving.  The inspection resulted in positive findings and only a few minor complaints and a few positive comments from detainees.  Sheriff Cox is forwarding the information to Circuit Judge Thomas Chapman, Livingston County Commission, and Mr. Bob Gray the Administrator at DDCRJ.

December 09 a deputy arrested Shannon Wayne Bardwell Jr., 19, Trenton, on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Violation of Bond Conditions on original charge of class C felony Distributing or Delivering Controlled Substance.  Bond was set at $20,000 cash on case #14LV-CR00354-01.

Currently we are holding 53 people in the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail.

Results from a recent Poll Question on the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office were interesting.  The questions were “Should all law enforcement vehicles be equipped with dash cameras?  Should all law enforcement officers be required to wear body cameras?”

The results were:  

4.4% said “No to both, it should not be required.”

15.2% said “Yes to car camera.”

80.4% voted “Yes to both car and body cameras.”

Please take our current poll to learn what the cost of equipping all LCSO vehicles and officers with car and body cameras is estimated to be.  This will be added to the 2015 LCSO Budget requests and discussion will be held with the Livingston County Commission at the budget meetings.

Circuit Court Criminal Law Day was December 09 in Livingston County.  Circuit Judge Thomas N. Chapman presided over the all-day hearing.  The LCSO caused 27 detainees to appear before Judge Chapman in addition to all the not-in-custody cases.  As a result of the Court proceedings the LCSO is causing the following detainees to be transported to the Missouri Department of Corrections in a timely manner:

Jimmy Ray Fainter, 47, Brookfield

Distribution of a Controlled Substance - 8 years consecutive


William McHardie, 25, Chillicothe

Assault 2nd Degree - 7 years consecutive

Possession Controlled Substance - 7 years consecutive


Donnie R. Randolph, 22, Chillicothe

Burglary 2nd Degree - 2 years consecutive


Jimmie Stoneburner, 53, Chillicothe

Distribution of a Controlled Substance - 10 years consecutive


Sandra Triebel, 50, Chillicothe

Possession Controlled Substance - 5 years consecutive


Kirsten B. Lane, 22, Chillicothe

Possession Controlled Substance - 5 years consecutive (Institutional Treatment Program)


Fonnie Kale, 32, Chillicothe

Distribution of a Controlled Substance - 8 years consecutive (Institutional Treatment Program)


Tara R. Hall, 24, Utica

Distribution of a Controlled Substance - 8 years consecutive


Monica Fainter, 39, Brookfield

Distribution of a Controlled Substance - 8 years consecutive (Institutional Treatment Program)

If you have any information on these or other crimes we ask that you call us at 660-646-0515 or dispatch at 660-646-2121.

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