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Incidents, Arrests, and Other Information

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June 25 an investigation of a suspicious person in the southeast part of Livingston County resulted in one person being detained and receiving additional treatment. That individual had reported being suicidal and was subsequently taken to HMC and given further assistance.

June 25 a report of Stealing Utilities and Property Damage in Utica resulted in subsequent investigation. Allegedly the lock to the water meter was cut off and at least 12,170 gallons of water has since been used without being paid for. The investigation has been completed and information being submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney for consideration of charges.

June 28 the LCSO began an investigation into one or more reports of Domestic Disturbance(s) on Liv 2355. Investigations resulted in arrest of two persons for alleged misdemeanor violation. Reports submitted to prosecuting attorney for consideration.

June 28 a deputy stopped a vehicle for 11 over the speed limit on Highway 190. The stop requested in the arrest of Gordon Milton Swenson, 59, Trenton for alleged Driving While Intoxicated. MR. Swenson was given a citation with Court date of July 29, 2015.

June 29 a deputy checked an Illinois driver at 99 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Liv 269. The driver was taken into custody and posted the required bond. The driver is required to appear before Judge Valbracht on July 29.

June 30 deputies investigated a report of Domestic Disturbance on Liv 233. Multiple people were interviewed. One intoxicated person claimed to have been physically struck one time. Investigation did not support that persons claim. No arrests made additional assistance was offered.

July 01 the LCSO began an investigation of reported Harassment and Forgery. Victim reported one or more checks were forged on account and a social media site was hacked into and photo(s) changed. Investigation continues.

July 01 a deputy and MSHP Trooper checked the well-being of a citizen in the western part of Livingston County. Information had been received the person may be suicidal. The investigation shows the individual cooperated with the officers and sought additional services.

July 03 the LCSO completed incident reports on 2 persons for allegedly Failing to Appear in Livingston County Court. Reports are being submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney for consideration of charge(s).

July 07 the LCSO began an investigation of a registered sex offender having allegedly moved to within 1,000 feet of a school. Information was exchanged with the Office of Prosecuting Attorney and the person has been interviewed and will be moving to a legal address. Follow-up investigation continues.

July 09 the LCSO learned of 2 different Lost/Stolen/Missing pet incidents. Both missing dogs were placed on our website and Facebook page. Soon after the first posting a local citizen called in to report the possible location of that dog. Thanks to that persons information the dog has been returned to the family!

July 09 a deputy assisted the Chillicothe Police on a vehicle chase.   It was initially believed a wanted felony fugitive was in the vehicle. The chase went east on U.S. 36 to Brookfield area. At least two persons were subsequently taken into custody. (See CPD release of incident report summary.) 



June 16 Norman Lee Leakey, 33, Ludlow surrendered to the LCSO on a Grundy County arrest warrant for alleged check violation. Mr. Leakey posted the required bond and was released.

June 24 Sean W. Dabney, 38, Kirksville surrendered himself to the LCSO on an outstanding Livingston County arrest warrant for failure to appear in Court on a traffic offense. Mr. Dabney posted the required bond and was released.

June 29 a deputy served a Livingston County arrest warrant on Shelby Lanae Barrick, 22, Mooresville for alleged Probation Violation on an original class B misdemeanor Property Damage charge.

June 29 a deputy served a Chillicothe Municipal arrest warrant on Steven Craig Evans, 29, Chillicothe for alleged Failing to Appear in Court on an original traffic ordinance violation. Mr. Evans posted bond and released on a new Court date.

June 29 a deputy served a 96-hour order on a rural Livingston County resident. That individual was transferred to the Court ordered treatment facility.

July 01 the LCSO served a Livingston County arrest warrant on Shelby Lanae Barrick, 22, Mooresville for alleged class B felony Drug Violation. Bond was placed at $10,000 cash and Ms. Barrick was transferred to the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail.

July 02 a deputy arrested Dusty D. Donoho, 42, Utica on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Failing to Appear in Court.   Mr. Donoho posted the $500 bond and was released from custody.


Other Information:

June 27 a deputy was on a traffic stop on Highway 190 when he was passed by a motorist at a high rate of speed and that driver allegedly did not move over. That vehicle was subsequently stopped and the Chillicothe driver reportedly did not know drivers are required to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles. A citation was issued.

July 08 Sheriff Cox attended the Chula and Wheeling Town meetings. Area information was exchanged with those in attendance.

Recently 2 different detainees have reportedly been aggressive and violent while in custody at DDCRJ. Information was sent to the sheriff from the jail administrator on the incidents. That report is being shared with Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren and on at least one incident additional charges may be pending in Daviess County.

July 08 the sheriff interviewed an individual suspected to have been involved in a burglary in Livingston County in March 2014. Information from that interview is being submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney for consideration of charges. That person was already incarcerated on another matter.

July 09 morning Sheriff Cox had a meeting at the Department of Public Safety. The sheriff also spent time at the Missouri Sheriff’s Association on law enforcement issues before returning to Livingston County.

Overall the July 04 weekend in Livingston County was calm.

Currently the LCSO has 29 people in custody at the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail.

Please call us should you have any information on these or other crimes.

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