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2015 End of Year Stats for the LCSO

2015 End of Year Report on Activities for the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO)


The LCSO is authorized to have 7 full time road patrol deputies in addition to the sheriff. The organization also employs an office manager and office assistant to help keep things organized and fulfill the needs of the public.

Basic requirements and statutory mandates for the Office of Sheriff include Court security and bailiff duties, calls for service, criminal investigations, prisoner or detainee needs/transportation/housing, civil process service, enforcing and executing Court orders, sex offender registrations, exotic animal registrations, concealed carry permits and renewals, and assist other agencies as needed.

Here is a summary of what the LCSO did in 2015:

Incident Reports, Arrests, Civil Process, and Calls for Service:


Year:                 2015       2014       2013       2011       2001     


Reports taken:     529         572         530         704         N/A       

Arrests:               171         173         139         264         168        

Civil Process:       1423       1566       1529       1797       N/A       

Calls for Service:  4537  


Concealed Carry Permits and Renewals:


Year:                              2015       2014       2013

New Permits:                  123         115         156        

Renewal Permits:            170         99           119

No permits were denied in 2015.


Registered Offender and Exotic Animal Registrations:

Year:                              2015       2014       2013       2011

Registered Offenders:      44           44           46           37

Registered Exotic

Animals:                         45           45           4             N/A


Jail News:           


Year:                         2015       2014       2013       2011       1995

Average Daily

Detainee Population:   41.78     41.91     36.86     40           15          

Jail Board Bill at Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail:

                2015                       2014                       2013

                $457,530              $458,895              $403,621


Detainee Medical Costs:

          2015        2014        2013       2011 (at LCSO Jail)

        $17,104   $15,701    $15,535   $50,044


11 out-of-state prisoner extraditions took place in 2015 at a cost of $7,266.13 which has been or in process of being reimbursed by the State of Missouri.


Vehicle Fuel and Traffic Stops:


Year:                    2015                  2014                2013                      

Fuel costs:         $20,778                $31,597            $33,151

Traffic Stops:       518                        604                393

Citations:            172                       119                  74

(Source 12-31-2015 Expenditure report from Livingston County Clerk)


Notable Law Enforcement Related Revenues for 2015:                                              

Sheriff Criminal Fees           

     Budgeted $7,000           Actual $7,257.50

Board of Prisoners-LIV CO:                           

     Budgeted $90,000          Actual $99,169.63

Criminal Costs and Extraditions:                     

     Budgeted $160,000         Actual $186,773.68

Inmate Security Fund:            

     Budgeted $3,500             Actual$8,026

Law Enforcement Sales Tax:           

     Budgeted $494,535          Actual $537,512.74

Concealed Carry Permits:

     Budgeted $2,600              Actual $3,220

Civil Fees:

     Budgeted $15,000             Actual $17,470.48

(Source 12-31-2015 Revenues report from Livingston County Clerk)

This report shows a lot of information and detail which is compiled by various entities of Livingston County government including the LCSO. The budgets are worked on by the County Commission and every elected office holder in Livingston County.   The revenues are worked on through several Livingston County offices including but not limited to Circuit and Associate Judges, Prosecuting Attorney, Circuit Clerk, Sheriff, Commissioners, and County Clerk. A great deal of work, time, and energy is put in setting each budget. Every Livingston County office holder and staff appear to have been prudent in utilizing their budgets for 2015.


Short term and mid-range GOALS for the LCSO include:

     * Obtain dual purpose Drug Dog/Patrol Service trained K-9 Program.

     * Two additional Deputy Sheriff positions if/when funding permits enabling us to strengthen evening/night shift and permit our detective to do full time detective work instead of frequently working shift rotation.

     * Continue to receive variety of professional law enforcement training programs for our staff.

     * Continue and increase community related training and program opportunities for citizens in and around Livingston County. This includes opportunities helpful to everyone from young children through senior citizens, and area businesses.

     * Additional participation with programs for those struggling with addictions and recovery.

     * Continue partnering with the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association and other professional organizations in providing law enforcement training and basic police academy opportunities in Livingston County.

     * Continue our Secret Santa program and expand other areas of community involvement and betterment with all of our staff.


Sheriff Steve Cox and the entire Livingston County Sheriff’s Office truly appreciate serving all of Livingston County. Please call should you have any questions, concerns, or comments.








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