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March 10 the LCSO began an investigation of sex offender registration violation after a deputy received a cell phone which had been found by the CPD.  That phone was allegedly the property of a registered sex offender and that person had not registered the phone number with our office.  A court order was obtained for the phone and we received the assistance of the Missouri State Technical Assistance Team in executing that court order during the investigation.  The report is now complete and the report is being submitted to Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren for consideration.

March 30 Deputy Sheriff/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis filed a report with our office regarding a theft investigation. The CHS Golf team played the Cameron Golf Team at Greenhill’s Golf Course. One Cameron player reported a pair of golf shoes and cell phone charger stolen from the bathroom. Deputy Lewis has been in contact with all school officials.

March 30 the LCSO received a TIP of alleged criminal activity and possible fugitive at a home on the east side of Chillicothe.  The deputies briefed and worked with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Chillicothe PD on this.  Investigation discovered the “MOST WANTED” fugitive had previously been in the home but was not at that time officers were present.  A lawful search of the home resulted in the seizure of alleged controlled substance (s), drug paraphernalia, and a shotgun.  Evidence is being submitted to the MSHP Crime Lab for identification and weight.  Additional investigation is taking place and a final report will be submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charge(s).

March 31 one parent in Chillicothe reported the other parent had their children and refused to give them back. Investigation showed emergency court papers had previously been served by the LCSO to the complainant. These 2 children were safe, taken care of and no improper allegations were made. The LCSO notified the Children's Division. LCSO collected all court orders and submitted the matter to court for review.

April 2 the LCSO began an investigation of livestock not remaining in a fenced area on Liv 512.  We made multiple attempts to contact the owner and family.  We learned the livestock owner had been seeking medical attention. The large section of fence has since been replaced.

April 4 the LCSO received a TIP of illegal drugs being at a residence in the 200 block of Gale Street.  Deputy contacted the resident and the resident surrendered a small quantity of marijuana and drug paraphernalia to the deputy.  The subject was issued a citation for possession and is to appear in Court on May 11.

April 6 a deputy began an investigation of reported peace disturbance in Wheeling.  Victim reported male neighbor made obscene gesture to the reported victim and one other person outside their home.  Reported suspect denied the information and did not wish to give a statement.  Report will be submitted to Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren for consideration.

April 11 victim in 5000 block of Highway 190 reported their mailbox was destroyed between April 9-11.  Investigation continues.  

April 11 the LCSO received a tip that a person was residing in Chillicothe and is an unregistered sex offender.  Interview of the person of interest has taken place and upon further investigation of certified criminal history records the case file is now closed with no additional action needed.

April 13 the LCSO responded to the 200 block of Fellows in Utica for a reported disturbance, trespassing, and assault.  Further investigation shows a female went to the property where several people were to discuss a vehicle.  At some point a disturbance and assault took place, as did the female using pepper spray on one male involved in the disturbance.  The groups had separated prior to our arrival, the female sought treatment at Hedrick Medical Center.  Investigation is continuing.

April 14 the LCSO is investigating another incident regarding information of a sex offender residing in Livingston County that has not reported to the LCSO.  We have obtained certified court records on this case and are seeking the person of interest to be interviewed.  In communication with Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren, this case may also be forwarded to the U.S. Marshall’s Office in Kansas City for review of potential Federal Sex Offender Registration violation charge(s).


March 22 the LCSO served a Grundy County arrest warrant on Dennis R. Thomas, 33, Chula for alleged passing bad check violation.  Mr. Thomas was turned over to the Grundy County Sheriff in lieu of bond.

April 1 a deputy stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation on Liv 233. The driver, Travis Lee Donoho, 26, Chillicothe, was arrested for alleged driving while revoked/suspended and later released on summons.  Mr. Donoho will appear in Associate Court on May 11.

Other Information:

March 29 a deputy stopped a vehicle on a traffic violation and subsequently issued a citation for alleged no valid driver’s license.  Subject is to appear in court on April 27.

April 5 a deputy stopped a vehicle for multiple violations and issued the 40-year-old Chillicothe man a citation for no auto insurance, no driver’s license, and not registering a motor vehicle.

April 6 a stop sign violation ticket was issued in Utica for violation at Matson and Garrow.

April 6 a citation for 82 in a 65 was issued for violation on U.S. 36 at Liv 405. April 11 LCSO deputy was on US 65 near Liv 304 and allegedly checked a vehicle at 75 in a 60.  The 21-year-old Chillicothe man was issued citations for the excessive speed and driving while suspended.

April 12 Sheriff Cox attended the Utica town meeting where area information was exchanged.

April 13 Sheriff Cox attended the BAM meeting at Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce where area officials discussed planning on the upcoming event in Livingston County and Chillicothe on June 13 and 14.

April 13 Sheriff Cox attended the Wheeling town meeting where area information was exchanged.

This week the LCSO has been extremely busy with a large volume of Court and Court security, approximately 22 detainees appeared before Judge James P. Valbracht and/or Judge Thomas N. Chapman.

This week we have had several “blackout” periods of coverage for Livingston County due to Court, calls for service, a variety of on-going investigations, and assisting other agencies.

April 14 the sheriff added 3 persons to the LCSO MOST WANTED website. Within hours authorities in Sullivan County arrested Jamie C. Damewood on our warrant.  Ms. Damewood is being transferred to the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail.  All calls and TIPS are greatly appreciated.

Occasionally the LCSO deals with someone who does not wish to be cooperative. One person (sometime this year) that was in our custody and realized they were going to jail notified the deputy they were experiencing a medical emergency. Ambulance was called and the person received any necessary medical care. When the individual apparently realized they were still going to jail, he/she defecated in their own clothing in attempt to avoid being transported by the deputy sheriff. The person refused to clean themselves or even change clothing. The individual still went to jail but let’s say it was a long ride for everyone.

If you have information on any of these or other crimes, please call us at 660-646-0515 or submit a tip through our website at www.livcoso.org


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