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Dangerous Speeds

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We have seen an increase of crazy driving with very high rates of speed on our roads. April 30 we shared how a deputy wrote a Wheeling man for 107 in a 55. Since then deputies and troopers have had several stops and citations for higher speeds in the 80’s and 90’s on our roadways. Recently one of the local State Troopers arrested a driver for 112 in a 65.

Think about this, we know there are 5,280 feet in a mile so if you are driving 1 mile per hour (mph) you cover 1.46 feet per second. If you are driving 55 mph you are moving at 80.66 feet per second. If you are driving 90 mph you are traveling a velocity of 132 feet per second. Think about the width of a highway or roadway lane, what 10 maybe 12 feet at most? If you are traveling a 2-lane roadway the distance between you and oncoming traffic may be only 1 to 6 feet from a head-on crash. Consider if you are moving at 55 mph or 80.66 feet per second and the vehicle coming at you is running 107 mph or 156.93 feet per second which means the combined velocity is 237.59 feet per second.  If you are lucky and have 6 feet separating the two vehicles on as they meet, in only takes .025 seconds to cover that 6 foot buffer zone and result in an extremely violent collision.

Remember Newton’s Law of Motion; what is in motion will stay in motion. Should your vehicle suddenly be struck the people, pets, and items in the vehicle will continue moving at the same speed unless restrained. Now is it easier to see the logic for a seat belt and child restraint seat? Just food for thought.

We would much rather stop you with a warning or a ticket for speeding versus seeing someone injured or killed in a car crash. Remember speed can injure or kill in a fraction of a second.  The LCSO is here for the cause and we have your safety in mind. 

Everyone SMILES when you make it home SAFE.


Sheriff Steve Cox

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