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Courtroom is Not the Place for Violent Behavior


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June 14 is Circuit Law Day in Livingston County Circuit Court. The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) was charged with having 19 detainees here for court today and with the help of Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail there were 3 transport vans of detainees and a handful of jail staff to help the deputies and sheriff with Court and detainee security.

Jefferson O. Patton, 34, who was represented by an out of town attorney, pled guilty to a class B felony drug crime and received a 9-year-sentence from Honorable Thomas N. Chapman. Mr. Patton then became irate and is alleged to have acted completely improper by yelling profanity and making other comments toward the court.

Although in full restraints, Mr. Patton continued with his high level of resistance with staff and his disturbance and foul language to the Court and staff. As a deputy and detention staff were attempting to remove the large male from the courtroom, one of the detention officer’s arm went through a window of a side room door. Mr. Patton is reported to have continued his resistance all the way out of the courthouse and refused to comply with getting into a transport van’s secured area.

A small group of people that were present in support of Mr. Patton were ordered from the Courthouse and property for the disturbing actions taking place inside the Courthouse.

Chief Deputy Claypole, a detention officer, and Sheriff Cox were finally able to secure Mr. Patton in the safety transport area of the van. Mr. Patton is also awaiting court disposition on a case in Linn County.

Potential criminal charge(s) are being reviewed and an investigation will be completed regarding this incident. One or more of the members present in Court to support of Mr. Patton may potentially face a charge of Disturbing a Judicial Proceeding for his/her action(s).

Fortunately no one received significant injury during this situation.

The defense attorney for Mr. Patton thanked Chief Deputy Claypole for the manner his client was treated, considering the actions of his client.

Sheriff Cox is also submitting documents to the Missouri Department of Corrections about Mr. Patton regarding the security level and officer safety situation displayed today.


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