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Court Ordered Transports

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The LCSO recently received orders from the court to cause the following people be transported to the Missouri Department Corrections to attend a treatment program or serve a sentence. We are hopeful this is the last time these men and women are involved in the criminal justice system and make positive progress.


Jacob Carter, 29, Kansas City         Probation Violation – Forgery CODS 120 program.


Spencer Hoffman, 22, Chillicothe    Probation Violation - Probation Violation CODS 120 program.


Jeremy G. Jennings, 28, Chillicothe Possession Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute 10 years Dept. of Corrections.


Garold Pease, 52, Payne, OK          Possession Controlled Substance 2 years Dept. of Corrections.


Drew C. Wilkison, 21, Chillicothe    Probation Violation Burglary 

                                                   4 years Dept. of Corrections.


Troy D. Frazier, 46, Braymer         Probation Violation Attempted    

                                                  Stealing 4 years DOC.


James A. Blanton, 32, Chillicothe    Possession Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute 10 years Dept. of Corrections.


Anthony J. Brown, 41, Chillicothe    Possession Controlled Substance  

                                                   3 years DOC.


Tye N. Wells, 21, Ballwin               Conspiracy/Possession Controlled

                                                   Substance 3 years DOC.


Nicole M. Irving, 31, Chillicothe       Probation Violation - Distribution Controlled Substance 5 years DOC.


Monica B. Bail, 28, Chillicothe         Probation Violation – Forgery 5 years ITP Program.

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