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The LCSO is seeking charges on 2 men from recent investigations involving stolen vehicle in Livingston County, 1 for the alleged theft and 1 for hindering prosecution.

A domestic abuse investigation from August which took place in Utica has been completed. A report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charges.

September 26 Deputy Sheriff/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis filed a report with this office of an alleged sale or distribution of an E-Cigarette on school property between 2 juveniles. Parent(s) have been contacted and the report is being submitted to the juvenile office while school officials will consider administrative action.

September 27 the LCSO began an investigation of a stolen Chromebook computer. The theft may have happened in Chillicothe or on school property. The matter remains under investigation.

September 27 the LCSO began investigation of reported Trespassing just east of Chillicothe. A land owner was contacted by a neighbor who reported a known 3rd party had pulled up to the property and saw a person exit the vehicle and enter upon the private property. Investigation involved speaking with all persons and formal notification was given of any future trespassing.

September 28 the LCSO completed a Dog Bite incident report when a LCSO employee was attempting to serve Court process at a home. The employee was bitten but not injured. Contact has been made with the animal owner.

September 28 Deputy Sheriff/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis filed a report with this office regarding alleged improper communication from a young pre-teen juvenile to another young juvenile on school property. Parent(s) are aware of the situation, school officials are taking appropriate action, and the juvenile office explained due to the very young age there will be no juvenile court action. A hotline call was made to the Children’s Division.

September 29 Deputy Sheriff/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis filed a report with our office on an alleged disturbing of the peace with a threat made to another student. The parent, juvenile office and Deputy Lewis met and an interview took place. The report is being submitted to the juvenile office and the school will review for consideration of administrative action.

October 01 the LCSO began an investigation with the Chillicothe Police on a child sex offense where a young juvenile has allegedly been victimized multiple times and an older juvenile suspect has been identified. Juvenile authorities and parent(s) were notified and the suspect was placed in juvenile detention. Investigations continue with assistance from the Chillicothe PD and Juvenile Office.

October 01 the LCSO investigated a Domestic Disturbance northwest of Chillicothe. No arrests were made due to lack of probable cause. Additional information/services were offered.

October 02 the LCSO began an investigation of property damage to a mailbox in the 17000 block of Liv 234. Unknown person used a beer bottle to damage the mailbox.

October 04 the LCSO began an investigation of alleged trespassing, property damage, and attempted burglary at a residence in Utica. Potential suspect(s) have been identified and interviewed. Investigation continues.

October 07 the LCSO began an investigation on juvenile(s) reportedly sending inappropriate images on social media. All parents and juveniles were contacted and spoken with. The juvenile officer has been notified and the situation is resolved at this time.

October 09 the LCSO investigated a report of a Dog Bite to a man working in the area of Liv 210. The victim received treatment at the hospital and the animal owner was contacted. The dog has been confined for quarantine and the report sent to the health department.

The LCSO has completed a lengthy investigation of an on-line scam which allegedly involved a Livingston County resident. The local man allegedly participated by picking up money wired from fraudulent internet sales and keep some money then wiring other funds to people overseas. This has allegedly happened multiple times in Livingston County. The suspect was interviewed and additional evidence was collected. Incident report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charge(s).



MOST WANTED fugitive John Michael Eads, 51, was arrested September 29 by authorities in Kansas City on the Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Violation of an Order of Protection-Adult. Mr. Eads posted bond and was released pending court appearance in Livingston County.

MOST WANTED fugitive David Edward Buesing, 29, was arrested October 02 by Independence Police on 2 Livingston County charges of alleged class A misdemeanor Non-Support violations. The Court requested bond be set at $5,700. Mr. Buesing will be extradited when Independence PD no longer has a hold on the suspect.

MOST WANTED fugitive Tylee A. Wheelbarger, 35, Chillicothe was arrested by MSHP on October 06. Ms. Wheelbarger was arrested on a warrant for alleged Probation Violation on previous conviction for class C felony drug possession violation. Ms. Wheelbarger was transferred to DDCRJ as no bond was permitted by the court.

MOST WANTED fugitive Gregory Allen Johnson, 40, was arrested October 09 by authorities in Indiana on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged class D felony DWI-Aggravated Offender. Mr. Johnson will be extradited at the earliest opportunity.

September 26 the LCSO stopped a speeding motorist on U.S. 36 for 92 in a 65. The driver, Darrian Chad Harral, 18, Chillicothe was placed under arrest for the excessive speed and driving without a valid driver’s license. Mr. Harral was processed at the LCSO and issued 2 citations and released pending Court appearance.

October 04 the LCSO served a Livingston County arrest warrant on Beth Ann Johnson, 22, Hamilton when she surrendered to the LCSO after forgetting to pay or appear in Court on a seat belt violation. Ms. Johnson immediately posted bond and was released.



September 27 an excessive speed citation was issued to a Raymore, MO driver for 81 in a 65 on U.S. 36 and Highway D.

September 27 a citation was issued to an Olathe Kansas driver for Failing to Display Plates on a Motor Vehicle. This was on U.S. 36 at the Grand River.

September 29 an excessive speed citation was issued to a New York driver for 81 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Liv 419.

September 29 a citation for failing to register a motor vehicle (expired April 2017 license) to a Lees Summit driver on U.S. 36.

September 29 an excessive speed citation was issued to an Illinois driver for 82 in a 65 on U.S. 36.

September 29 an excessive speed citation was issued to a Kansas City driver for 90 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Highway C.

October 05 the LCSO issued a speeding citation to a Chillicothe High School Student for 59 in a 35 on Liv 228 near U.S. 65. We receive various complaints on the manner some drive to/from CHS. Deputies and Troopers address this area with enforcement when time permits.

October 8 a deputy issued a Texas man 2 citations being for no driver’s license and excessive speed on U.S. 36 at Liv 403.


Additional Information:

October 08 the LCSO and Zaki were called to assist the Chillicothe Police on a fugitive search after the stabbing incident. K-9 Zaki was searching in the general vicinity when the suspect surrendered to CPD officers. It was not determined if the suspect gave up because of the K-9 or due to the number of officers in the area.

The LCSO applied for reimbursement from the State of Missouri for $1,536.15 for extradition costs of returning Michaela Mathews to our custody from the State of Alabama. Most extradition costs of out of state arrests are reimbursed by the state and taxed to the defendant. Ms. Mathews was charged with alleged probation violation on original conviction of class B felony drug violation and an alleged class D felony Delivery or Manufacture Imitation Controlled Substance.

October 02 the LCSO received a check in the amount of $1,391.39 from the State of Missouri POST Commission to be added to the LCSO Law Enforcement Training Fund.

October 10 the LCSO had 13 detainees appear before Presiding Circuit Judge Thomas N. Chapman.

Currently the LCSO has 31 detainees (11 female) in the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail.

The LCSO has been extremely busy with these and other criminal investigations, assisting other agencies, court requirements, and administrative obligations.


Sheriff Steve Cox

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