Alleged Failure to Obey a Judge's Order on original unclassified felony Statutory Sodomy or Attempted Statutory Sodomy-Deviate Sexual Intercourse-Person Less than 12 YOA, 566.062 RSMO.  Bond set at $10,000 cash on case #19LV-CR00334 with warrant dated September 27, 2019.

Did correct thing and surrendered when learned of warrant and posted bond.  SC (updated 10-02-2019)

Johnson, Tanner Lamar
(Last Known)
1502 #B HollHock Lane
Cameron, MO 64429


(Last Known)
SEX: Male  
DOB: 1993-04-23  
Hair: Brown  
Eyes: Green  
Height: 6-00  
Weight: 175  
Race: White  
If you have any information, please contact the
Livingston County Sheriff's Office