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These men and women are proud to serve all of Livingston County and strive to help make this community a better and safer place for everyone:


Command Staff:

 sheriff cox photo

Sheriff Steve Cox

Sheriff Cox is a life long resident of Livingston County.  He graduated from Chillicothe High School in 1982 and attended Missouri Western State College in St. Joseph with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Penology and Corrections.  Sheriff Cox graduated 1st in the Law Enforcement Academy class in June 1986 at the Missouri State Highway Patrol Training Academy in Jefferson City. 

 Steve began his career as a Deputy-Detention Officer-Dispatcher for Sheriff Leland O’Dell in June 1985 and left in September 1988 for the Chillicothe Police Department.  There he worked through the ranks to Assistant Chief of Police when he was elected as Livingston County Sheriff in the fall of 2000.  Steve began serving as sheriff on January 01, 2001 and continues in that position.

While serving Livingston County residents, Sheriff Cox has been honored as 2005 Missouri Sheriff of the Year from the Missouri Deputy Sheriff Association, Distinguished Citizenship Award from the Chillicothe Elks Lodge #656 in 2003, Commendation from Veterans of Foreign Wars in 2003, Congressional Record presentation from Congressman Sam Graves in 2003, and Missouri House of Representatives Resolution from Representative John Quinn in 2003.

Sheriff Cox was elected by Missouri Sheriffs to serve on the Executive Board for the Missouri Sheriffs Association and later serve as MSA President in 2010/2011, appointed by Missouri Sheriffs to the Board of Directors for the Missouri Sheriffs Retirement System, appointed by Missouri Governor Matt Blunt to the Public Safety Medal of Valor Review Board, and was appointed by Governor Jay Nixon to the Missouri Peace Officer and Standards Training (POST) Board on March 14, 2011.  Steve has also served as Chairman of the North Central Missouri Major Case Squad, served 2 years on the Board for the Missouri Association of Counties, and is currently on the Board of Directors for the N.I.T.R.O. Federal Task Force.

Throughout his law enforcement career, Steve has been an advocate for victims and stands against sex offenders.  He is credited for numerous investigations on sex offenders and pedophiles which resulted not only in many arrests and convictions but also changes to Missouri laws which provide better protection for children.  During this time Sheriff Cox prompted a wide range of education for parents, grand parents, educators, children and law enforcement officers; not only in Livingston County or the State of Missouri but across the United States.  Sheriff Cox has testified before legislators in Jefferson City about the dangers of pedophiles and trained over 300 local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and agencies on investigative techniques for sex offenders.

Steve is proudly married to Beth Cox.  Both Steve and Beth each have 3 children and together they now have 4 adopted children.  Steve’s hobbies include family, hunting, fishing, camping, and his work. 

You may reach Sheriff Cox at


michael claypole

Chief Deputy Michael Claypole

Chief Deputy Claypole graduated from Chillicothe High School and attended the Law Enforcement Academy at Missouri Western State College.  Michael began his career in law enforcement in 1999 with the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office as deputy sheriff.  Michael has since worked as an officer for the Chillicothe Police Department from 2000 until 2008 and held the position of sergeant.  Michael began working at the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office in 2008 and has earned the rank of sergeant and in January 2013 was promoted to chief deputy.

You may reach Chief Deputy Claypole at

Sindy Thomas

Captain/Office Manager Sindy Thomas

Sindy is a life long resident of Livingston County and graduated from Chillicothe High School.  She accepted employment as a Deputy-Office Manager under Livingston County Sheriff Leland O’Dell in November 1991.  Sindy attended the Law Enforcement Academy in 1992 at the Missouri State Highway Patrol Training Academy in Jefferson City.

Sindy is the senior full time employee at the sheriff’s office.  Sindy serves as Captain-Office Manager and is 3rd in command of the organization.  Sindy is well respected in law enforcement for her hard work and organization skills while assisting other agencies and the Court system.  Sindy is in charge or CCW Registration and Renewals.

Sindy is married to Steve Thomas and she has 1 daughter.  Sindy very much enjoys time with her family.  Sindy reports she most enjoys her job when she has opportunity to help others and make a positive difference.

You may reach Captain Thomas at

 Road Patrol Staff:

Mike Lewis

Reserve Deputy/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis

Deputy Lewis grew up in Chillicothe and graduated from Chillicothe High School.  Mike received a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia College.  Mike has been employed with area law enforcement having served with the Chillicothe Police for 6 years and he joined the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office in August 1998. 

Mike is the School Resource Officer for the Chillicothe R-II School System and serves as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for Livingston County.  Mike is active in school activities and youth events.  As School Resource Officer, Mike has been a member of the National School Resource Officer’s Association and was a founding member of the Missouri School Resource Officer’s Association. 

Mike has been honored in 2004 by both the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association and the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association as “Reserve Deputy Sheriff of the Year”.  Mike is married and has 3 children. 

 Dustins Woelfle

Sergeant Dustin Woelfle

Dustin was born in Loveland Colorado in January 1989. He was raised there and graduated from Loveland High School in 2007. Shortly after graduation he decided to move to Utica where he stayed with his grandparents while attending school at North Central Missouri College for criminal justice. In the summer of 2014 he attended the Missouri Sheriff's Association Training Academy in Chillicothe. Dustin graduated the law enforcement academy in June 2015 with perfect attendance and salutatorian honors. Dustin accepted full-time employment with the Livingston County Sheriffs' Office in July 2015 as a Deputy Sheriff.

In his off time Dustin enjoys spending time with his family and friends as well as weightlifting and running.

Dustin may be reached at

Terry Wilson

Deputy Terry Wilson

Terry was born and raised in Chillicothe, MO and graduated Chillicothe High School in 1984. Upon graduation Terry joined the United States Army and retired from the military with over 20 years of service. Terry attended the Missouri Western State University Law Enforcement Academy and graduated in December 18, 2018 as a licensed peace officer in Missouri. Terry is proud to have served his country and is now excited about serving his community.

Terry enjoys spending time with his children Sarah and Jonathan and family whenever possible. Terry also enjoys working on his farm, hunting, fishing and Nascar.

Deputy Wilson began service at the LCSO in December 2018.

Terry may be reached at


Jennifer Plummer

Deputy Jennifer Plummer

Jennifer was born in Durant Oklahoma and later grew up in Mound City, Missouri where she graduated from Craig High School in 1998.  Jennifer graduated the Law Enforcement Academy at MSWU in December 2006 and began working for the Livingston County Sheriff's Office in February 2007.  In 2011 Jennifer chose to further advance her education in Criminal Justice from North Central Missouri College and received her Associates Degree.  Jennifer became a police officer for the City of Trenton in 2013 where she remained until returning to the LCSO in March 2020.

Outside of work Jennifer enjoys family activities, being a part of her daughters activities, is active in Girl Scouts where she is co-leader of Troop 2231. 

Jennifer may be reached at

west, taylor.jpeg

Deputy Taylor West

Taylor was born in Independence, MO in 1995 and has her roots planted where she was raised in Wellington, MO. She graduated from Wellington-Napoleon R-IX in May of 2013. She then went on to the University of Missouri where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Health Science with Minors in Psychology, Sociology and an Emphasis Business in May of 2017. She decided that her passion was elsewhere and made the decision to venture on into law enforcement. She moved to Overland Park, KS and was hired in Shawnee as an officer in December of 2019 while she attended the Johnson County Regional Police Academy where she later graduated in April of 2020. Taylor accepted full-time employment with the Livingston County Sheriffs' Office in May of 2022 as a Deputy Sheriff.

During her time off, Taylor enjoys being outdoors and has a passion for hunting and fishing. She also enjoys going to the gym and spending time with her family.

Taylor Accepted a position with the LCSO on May 23, 2022 and is assigned badge #877, Taylor may be contacted at the Law Enforcement Center or by emailing

johnson, brandon, deputy photo January 2023.jpg

Deputy Brandon Johnson

Brandon was born in Portales, New Mexico in 1991. His family then moved back to Chillicothe a short time later. Brandon graduated from Southwest R-1 high school in 2009 and joined the work force. In 2016, Brandon went to the Missouri Sheriffs Association Police Academy in Clinton, MO and graduated Valedictorian of his class. He was then hired by the Chillicothe Police Department, where he worked for 6 years, before joining the Livingston County Sheriff's Office.

Deputy Johnson is primarily assigned Livingston County Courthouse Security and Bailiff.

In his off time, Brandon enjoys spending time with his children, Braydon and Tristan, his family and friends and watching sports. Brandon also enjoys music and playing drums.

Brandon is assigned badge number 882, and joined the Sheriff's Office in late 2022 and may be reached at


Deputy Ean Clevenger

Deputy Clevenger graduated the Central Missouri Police Academy (CMPA) in 2020. After graduating Police Academy Deputy Clevenger accepted a position with the Chillicothe Police Department in 2020. While employed with the Chillicothe Police Department, Deputy Clevenger attended a specialized Field Training Officer course. Deputy Clevenger was an active Field Training Officer for new Officers at the Chillicothe Police Department. Deputy Clevenger was a Chillicothe Police Officer for 3 year before accepting a position with the Livingston County Sheriff's Office.

Ean is assigned badge number 889 and may be reached at

Road Deputy position filled by civilian employee in academy and graduate June 2024.

Road Deputy position filled by civilian employee who will attend academy in July 2024.

Vacant Road Deputy Position.

Vacant Road Deputy Position.


Deputy Sheriff Zaki

Retired from Deputy in 2022

Zaki is a Belgian Malinois and was born September 2015 in Holland. He began his training in the Czech Republic before he was imported to K9 Working Dogs International in Longford, Kansas. He is trained in narcotics detection, tracking and apprehension.

Zaki is a great addition to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office where he has already made an impact in North Missouri. Zaki is a sworn deputy sheriff with our office.

Zaki was purchased with 100% donations from our citizens and businesses with no tax money used for the purchase.

Deputy Zaki retired from the LCSO in 2022.  Zaki had earned an amazing reputation with law enforcement and criminals in North Missouri.

 Jim Lightner

Our Friend and Former Chief Deputy Jim Lightner passed away February 27, 2013 after a long day of working Court security.

Jim Lightner was a life long resident of Livingston County.  Jim had been a law enforcement officer since 1985.  Jim served the Chillicothe Police Department for 14 years and was with the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office for the remainder of his career until he retired from full time duty on October 31, 2012.  Jim continued working on a part time basis for the sheriff's office as a reserve deputy and Court bailiff.

In 2007 Jim was honored by the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association as Missouri Deputy Sheriff of the Year.  In 2002 Jim received 2 Awards for Valor from the KQTV for on duty performance as Deputy Sheriff.  Jim has received 3 citations for Valor in the Line of Duty for saving human life and has received a significant number of commendations for helping others. 

Jim was proudly married to Lovie Lightner together they have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

Jim greatly enjoyed time with family and friends, hunting, the outdoors, and poker.  Jim reports his favorite part of this job is the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of many people.

jim fox

Reserve Deputy Jim Fox (retired 2015)

Jim was born and raised in Edina, Missouri and graduated from the Know County High School. Jim is a U.S. Navy Vietnam veteran from 1970-1972. He served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea CVA-43 in the Aviation Ordnance division.

In August 1973 he married Linda and she is now a retired teacher after serving 38 years in that profession. They have one son, Adam, now living in Columbia, Missouri and a graduate from MU.

Jim retired from the Missouri State Highway Patrol after 26 years of service and is now a deputy sheriff and bailiff for the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office. His hobbies include fishing and flower gardening.

Jim has previously worked as Reserve Deputy/Bailiff with the LCSO in the past and retired December 31, 2012. Jim rejoined our team in the same capacity on November 04, 2013 and will work occasionally to assist the LCSO.

kurt reith

Deputy Kurt Reith (retired).  Our friend passed away January 31, 2023.

Kurt was born in Chanute, Kansas in 1953 and his family moved to Hamilton, Missouri in 1953 and graduated from J.C. Penny High School in 1963. Kurt then attended Medical Technologist School in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1964 he married Phyllis L. McKenzie in Brookfield, Missouri.

Kurt joined the U.S. Navy in 1965 and did one tour in Vietnam in 1968-69. Kurt continued working in the medical field for 21 years in Brookfield, Cameron, and Chillicothe hospitals.

In March 1986, Kurt accepted employment as a Deputy-Dispatcher-Detention Officer for Sheriff Leland O’Dell and retired from the U.S. Navy on June 01, 1988. In September 1988 Kurt completed his basic law enforcement training at the Missouri State Highway Patrol Academy in Jefferson City.

In 2001 Kurt was honored as “Deputy Sheriff of the Year” from both the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association and Missouri Deputy Sheriffs’ Association. In November he received the bronze award for valor from the Northwest Missouri Law Enforcement Awards Committee for actions taking earlier that year. On March 02, 2002, Kurt received the Medal of Merit from the National Sheriffs’ Association.

Kurt retired as a full time deputy sheriff in June 2007. He continued working as a reserve deputy with our office and assists with many prisoner transports and extraditions.

Kurt has the reputation of being a human GPS. He easily recalls what vehicles are located at which house and who lives exactly where in many rural homes.


Deputy John S. Stafford (retired January 06, 2021)


Was raised in rural Georgia where he graduated from Lincoln County High School. John was married in May 1976 and has 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

John served his country in the United States Marine Corps where he proudly served in the 8th I Marine Barracks, Washington, DC and served duty at both the White House and Camp David. John also served in Vietnam and during the Fall of Saigon.

John Stafford attended Morrow State University and Georgia Tech. Served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and specialized in chemical warfare.

John has work experience with the U.S. Marshall Service in Kansas City, Missouri working part-time in Felon Security, Travel, and Court. John is retired after 17 ½ years with the Kansas City Police Department where he worked as Patrolman, Field Training Officer, CIT Officer, was a Certified DNA Collector, and Detective.

Beginning September 2016, John was employed as a Livingston County Reserve Deputy/Bailiff.  John began full time duties as road deputy on November 01, 2017.