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2024 Information & Pending Change of Address



Here we are in 2024 and a potentially strong winter storm is fast approaching from what the weather stations are reporting.   Best to be prepared and happy to learn we did not get a blizzard as compared to digging out and experiencing problems. 

I have been asked many times how new Eastern District County Commissioner Dennis Hicks is doing since being appointed to fill the vacancy from Alvin Thompson retiring.  The blunt answer is "Outstanding"!  I am very impressed with the skills and knowledge Commissioner Hicks has brought to the courthouse and from what I have seen has stepped right in, works hard, and brings a great deal of experience with him to help resolve and minimize problems and move the county forward in a conservative manner.

We have also been asked several times recently about if the LCSO is returning to our old building at 901 Webster Street in 2024.  The answer is "Yes" we are.  The Chillicothe Police are fortunate to have the funding of the City of Chillicothe to build a new police department.  Livingston County initially wanted in on this to continue having a joint law enforcement center.  However, since the projected costs of construction have come in, the project is literally too expensive for the county to be involved in.  Meaning the county is continuing to live within our means and do not want to ask the citizens for additional funding whereas the City of Chillicothe has multiple sources of funding and are also living within their means and have the financial capabilities to complete such a project.

Thanks to Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas and the commissioners actually building reserves for the first time in many years the county commission has the option to do some remodeling of the old sheriff's office and move us back in there for a fraction of the money.  The building at 901 Webster is sound, there were many other issues with the jail portion of the building.

We do not have a firm date at present as the commission will soon be seeking bids and some work will be required to be completed.  We will certainly advertise this when we approach the time to move. 

We will continue to have an excellent working relationship with the Chillicothe Police.  The unfortunate part of this is the communication is so much faster and better when in the same building.  We greatly appreciate the time we have shared in the current law enforcement center and are happy to know the CPD will most likely be getting a very well designed facility that will serve the community well for decades.

We will always be here to help you, your family and your friends to the best of our ability.

Enjoy all the winter weather has to offer, make some great memories, and most of all be safe.

Thank you for reading this "Message from the Sheriff".


Steve Cox