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Thank You to the Many Amazing People in our Community!


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Most often it seems in law enforcement we are involved with people when they are struggling at the worst times in the lives.  It could be a crime victim dealing with loss or damage to property, aggressive people fighting the demons of addiction, suicidal persons suffering with mental illness, and when things are even harder for many.  It is a job which sometimes is challenging to remain positive and helpful with all the negative being shoved into your face, mouth and ears on a daily basis.  All the negative and daily work unfortunately often impacts law enforcement officers in a very negative way.  This is a very common problem across the United States and one where many leave or avoid careers in public safety.

I firmly believe the Almighty gives us signs and guides us to be in the right places, help those in need, and to make positive and long lasting impacts on people.  We are given what we can handle mentally and even physically and we all have purpose.  With all the negative in the news and in life these days it is even more important for all of us to watch for those "signs" from above. 

This morning I saw one of these signs while on patrol as I went by the Life Point Church Impact Center in the 400 block of Clay Street.  I saw a very long line of parked vehicles on the east side of the street.  There were people of all ages waiting to see the wonderful people who were volunteering to help others where various items were being shared.

Impact Center #3.jpg Impact Center #4.jpg Impact Center #2.jpg

I cannot vividly articulate how extremely heart-warming it was to see the way these folks were helping so many good people!  This was so touching I had to circle back and ask to take a few photos and thanked several for what they were doing.  I am confident some wondered what the heck I was doing but I really wanted to say something nice about these people and their program.  It was very uplifting to see good things happening and the wonderful side of humanity.  If seeing this today does not warm your heart I suggest you promptly see a cardiologist. :)

We know there are many organizations and people who help so many with all kinds of things and it is impossible to recognize everyone.  From all of us at the LCSO we want to give a "Huge Thank You" to all the wonderful organizations and amazing people around our community and especially the good folks today at the Life Point Impact Center for helping others.  American Heroes in my opinion!


Be safe,

Sheriff Steve Cox