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Which County Office is the Most Important to the Community?



Lately I have asked several people which county office they believe is most important in Livingston County.  Some laugh, possibly thinking I am pushing the sheriff's office, but in reality the answers vary as it is a matter of perspective for each person.  Examples would be if you are a rural Livingston County resident you may think the Sheriff's Office is most important to you as compared to a family residing in Chillicothe who have the Chillicothe PD to assist them if ever needed.  A person who is confident in their ability to protect themselves and their family may respond the county prosecutor or county clerks' office is of highest importance due to the prosecution of criminals or protecting voting rights and elections.

Of all the people I have spoken with about this, most replied it is the sheriff's office and so far only one person has asked me for my opinion.  I believe the Office of County Commissioner is the most important in every county.  The Livingston County Commission is responsible for all funds and distribution to each county office, road and bridge, other county needs, or into a reserve fund. 

If a county commission does not have proper funding or does not want a specific county office holder to succeed they may restrict office budget(s) and essentially cripple the office holder's ability to provide adequate services for the community.  County governments are required to live within their means and should be, but there needs to be a good understanding of all areas of county government.  We are fortunate to have commissioners who understand the needs of the various offices here and the issues which often impact our citizens.

Our current commissioners and retired commissioner Alvin Thompson have done an excellent job of taking Livingston County from being basically a broke 3rd class county to one which actually has money in the bank in reserve for emergencies and has been working on getting our heads above water the last several years. 

We appreciate our commission and share their desire to help all residents of Livingston County and for understanding for each citizens view point on what is most important to them.  We strive to do the best with what we have in our overall effort to help keep our community safe.

Thank you for reading this editorial.  Remember we are always here to help you, your family and your friends.  Be safe.


Sheriff Steve Cox