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December 2011 Editorial





Sheriff Steve Cox




“It’s Time for Christmas”



We are fast approaching Christmas and we will soon be ringing in a new year. In the world of law enforcement we too enjoy Christmas and all the joy associated with the season.  


Every Christmas season we see many people, civic groups, and churches diligently work to help others and we applaud all their hard work and efforts.  We hope everyone also gives a special thanks to the men and women of our military and to our veterans for keeping this country safe and free.  Without all of these fine people and organizations we could not enjoy much of what life offers.


Unfortunately our job often requires us to see people when they are most struggling with daily needs or life in general.  It seems that all holidays bring an increase of calls for service typically associated with domestic violence related matters.  The law and requirements of our job mandate we look at each case in a consistent manner regardless if it is Christmas or any other day of the year.


I would ask that everyone take a few moments each day and think of something small they could do to make life better for their family, friends, and co-workers.  When was the last time we told our family members how much they mean to us?  When was the last time we shared our rewards with our friends, coworkers, church, or civic group?  When was the last time we paid a compliment to a coworker or one of our children?  I understand how wrapped up we can be in our work, projects, stress, or goals to unintentionally overlook the things which mean the most to us and we are working so hard for.  With all that in mind, I suggest that all of us take a little time each day, week, or even month to pay a compliment to someone, help a stranger, and do something nice and unexpected for a family member.  When we do these types of things it is amazing how good that makes us feel inside. 


Very few of us know how long we may be here and how much time we have to make a difference.   In our line of work we often see the negative sides of life.  Still with that it is very pleasing when we can and do make a difference for others.  We see how many people actually live and trust me when I say many people take their quality of life for granted.  I am willing to bet all of us have at one time or another.


I often tell my children, my co-workers, and the people we meet through our work or in jail that we cannot change yesterday, we can only change tomorrow.   Our office goal is to help others.  That help often happens in unusual ways and may never be appreciated or even recognized by some.  With your continued help all of us can make a difference.


We send a special thank you to everyone who helped us fund the Sheriff’s Secret Santa project.  You also have a big heart and your assistance is very much appreciated!


On behalf of all the men and women of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, a big thank you to the many people for all the past help and support; as we know we are only as good as the community we serve.  We also wish all of everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!