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Message About Your Sheriff's Office


How long can this winter last? It seems like it has been here 6 months already and our zip code should have letters and numbers like a Canadian Province. Enough of this let’s move forward and enjoy an early spring!!!

We made it through our budget cycle with appreciated help from the county commission.  Every other year brings state and county elections and that process is now underway and we can see we will have good reasons to make it out to the polls this year.

With growing pains of not having the county jail here and our dispatch being consolidated in with the city we learned we needed another person in the office to help with greeting the public. We hired Dena Davis, who was previously a 911 Emergency Dispatcher for our office. Dena was already trained and helps our office manager with the various reports and daily tasks. Dena is assigned the front office and greets everyone that comes through our doors during administrative hours and helps answer our telephones. We still get plenty of phone calls without the dispatch staff in our building, 33,510 telephone calls were answered just last year.

I am very proud to share with you that we have one of the best groups of deputies and employees I have had opportunity to work with.  Michael Claypole, Sindy Fitzpatrick and Eric Menconi are the top three people in our office that I depend on daily. They also expect complete and accurate work and help make certain we do the job right and take care of our citizens.

Our newest deputy you will soon see on our website is Jacob Peterson. Jacob recently graduated the Law Enforcement Academy and is a great addition to our office. Jacob has a B/A degree in Biblical Studies and has 3 years’ experience being an Associate Pastor.  We are scheduling Jacob to attend a Police Chaplain Training sponsored by the International Fellowship of Chaplains later this year in Missouri. Training is a week-long and we intend to add a Chaplain Service to our office where Jacob will be available to assist any law enforcement agency, Children’s Division or Division of Aging or anyone else when needed in our area. Jacob is adjusting well to his job and will be completing the field training time (about 2 months) in March. 

The rest of our crew possess very positive assets and skills they provide to complete our team. Chris Mueller, Jay Cooksey, Ryan Ford and Nicholas Leadbetter all are very dedicated, trained, capable and positive people that enjoy their job.   Our deputies are people we depend on and trust to serve our citizens in a fair and effective manner.

A special thanks to the Chillicothe City Council and Ike Holland with the City of Chillicothe, along with Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren for their assistance in helping my office resolve an issue.  It was obvious positive leadership and team work that is very much appreciated by the citizens.

Thank you from all of us for supporting the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office.  Please be safe.

Steve Cox