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Giving Thanks Before Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving

(photo courtesy nongpimmy and


What a wonderful fall season we have had. Saturday we saw another awesome Christmas Parade. All the area Christmas lights are on and Simpson Park looks amazing! (Kudos to all who participated, organized and donated time/money for the above.)

Now it is the week of Thanksgiving and many of us have the last minute chores, purchases, planning, and traveling. Just as the message on the float Rusty Black’s crew had in the parade about Christmas, we need to remember the meaning of Thanksgiving.  

How many of us occasionally take our God, family, friends, and co-workers for granted? How often do we wish we had given a certain compliment or a simple hug instead of passing the opportunity for another day?

Thanksgiving is about family, hard work, spirit, dedication, sacrifice, and also celebrating the rewards of our labor and struggles.

Let’s pause for a minute and reflect on how we can brighten someone else’s day. A simple compliment, noticing a new haircut or outfit, appreciation for good grades, thankful for a meaningful sermon, or just a simple “Thank you for what you do” can mean so much to people in our lives. In turn I am confident you too will feel brighter and appreciate the rewards received.

Take time to travel safe, watch the other driver, and anticipate problems ahead. Make a good family memory and enjoy what Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks is about.

Thank you for reading this editorial and supporting the LCSO.

Be safe,

Steve Cox