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Mid Year Stats for the LCSO




January 01 through June 30, 2018


2018 has been very busy for the LCSO in multiple ways. We have been short at least 1 road deputy since June 2017 and we have been down 2 full time road deputies and 1 part time deputy/bailiff nearly all of 2018.


Comparing the following from January 01-June 30, 2018 to the same dates in 2017:

                                                2018                            2017                + or – 


Incident Reports                      305                              295                  + 10    

Arrest Reports                         105                              91                    + 14

Civil Process                            823                              747                  + 76

(court papers served)

Traffic Stops                            515                              509                  + 6

Incoming phone calls

To the LCSO                            10,697                         9,136               + 1,561

Outgoing phone calls

From the LCSO                        3,927                           3,362               + 565

CCW New Permits                    16                                17                    - 1

CCW Renewal Permits              1                                  1                      +/- 0


Notable LCSO Sheriff and Jail budget expenditures for first 6 months of 2018 (Source: County Clerk Expenditures Report June 30, 2018)

County Revenue-Sheriff budget: Of the initial $587,005 budgeted we only expended only 43.10%. Use of overtime for road patrol deputies has been up primarily due to employee shortages, court and statutory requirements, and training.

County Revenue-Jail Budget:   Jail board initial budget of $460,000 for 2018 has only expended 43.9% during the 1st six months. However, our detainee population has soared and we anticipate difficulty in staying with this budget line item.

Law Enforcement Sales Tax-Sheriff budget: We have only expended 31.93% of our initial $170,800 authorized.

Law Enforcement Sales Tax-Jail budget: Had $88,500 originally budgeted and we expended 47.28% the first six months of 2018. There is a variety of operating expenses in this budget such as office utilities, telephones, computer use with the Missouri Highway Patrol Records system, detainee medical expenses, and detainee extradition expenses.

Average Daily Detainee Population: 36.66 ADP Livingston County Sheriff detainees held in the Daviess-Dekalb County Regional Jail, January 01 through June 30, 2018. (Source: Quarterly report to Circuit Judges from Sheriff Cox)

We will continue with every attempt to remain within the 2018 approved budgets by the Livingston County Commission. We are hopeful you find this information useful. Since the sheriff and staff work for the citizens of Livingston County, we are continuing with the primary goal of being open, honest, and transparent with the public.


We thank you,


Steve Cox