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Incidents, Arrests and MORE




August 01 the LCSO began a theft investigation of an Alltel Car Analyzer. Investigation continues.

August 10 the LCSO began an investigation of potential harassment and/or witness-victim tampering from a prior investigation.  

August 11 the LCSO began an investigation where approximately $20 in fuel was stolen from a parked vehicle in Utica. Investigation continues.

August 12 the LCSO was dispatched to a residence in the north part of Livingston County regarding an adult male passing away. The LCSO was assisted by the Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services and Livingston County Coroner’s Office. Preliminary investigation strongly suggests the gentleman passed from natural causes. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family.

August 13 the LCSO responded to a location in the eastern part of the county where an adult female was reportedly suicidal and had made a very minor attempt of self-harm. Investigation resulted in the individual agreeing to go with family for mental health screening. No additional action was needed.

August 14 the LCSO investigated a juvenile injured by a firearm. Investigation shows the juvenile and an adult family member had been using a .22 rifle as they commonly do and after examining the scope the juvenile accidently discharged the rifle while it was pointed down at his foot. The injured person was treated at local hospital and later at Children’s Mercy and released from the hospital.

August 15 the LCSO checked the well-being of an adult and several children in a home in the south western part of Livingston County. The family appeared to have necessary resources and there was nothing found to be considered child neglect. A hotline call was made and the Children’s Division was reportedly going to make contact for services on August 16.

August 16 the LCSO responded to a location in the northwest part of the county regarding a disturbance at a residence. Investigation shows this was amongst family and no crime was committed. One person wanted the individual immediately evicted and that person was explained the eviction process.


Most Wanted Updates:

Arrested: Marlon Brandon Gilbert, 26, St. Joseph was arrested by the LCSO on August 15 on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged violation of bond conditions on 2 felony drug violations.



August 11 a deputy arrested Lloyd Leslie Swift, 49, Chillicothe for excessive speed of 84 in a 55 on Route V just outside of Chillicothe. Mr. Swift posted the $250 bond and will appear before Judge Valbracht on September 26, 2018.

On August 12, 2018 about 9:08 a.m. the LCSO responded to a location in Wheeling on a domestic disturbance call. The investigation led to the arrest of Joshua Wayne Perry, 35, Wheeling for alleged Domestic Assault. Mr. Perry was later charged with Assault 4th degree and posted bond on August 14 and was released from custody.



August 9 a Florida driver was issued a speeding citation for 80 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Liv 251.

August 10 an Illinois driver was cited for 85 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Liv 261.

August 10 a Raytown MO driver was issued a speeding citation for 86 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at the Mooresville junction.

August 10 a Weldon Springs driver was cited for 80 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Liv 261.

August 11 a Chula resident was issued a speeding citation for 71 in a 55 on Route V at Liv 228.

August 11 a Chicago Illinois driver was cited for 89 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Liv 425.

August 13 a New York driver was cited for 90 in a 65 on U.S. 36. The driver failed to even slow down until the LCSO officer was right behind her. The driver was in a hurry to get to a dinner date in Lawrence, KS.

August 15 a Colorado driver was issued a speeding citation for 80 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Mitchel Avenue.

August 15 a Wheeling, Illinois driver was issued a speeding citation for 80 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Wheeling, MO.

August 17 a Brookfield driver was cited for excessive speed for 40 in a 25.

August 17 a Kansas City driver was issued a speeding citation for 83 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Utica.

August 17 a Chillicothe, Illinois driver was issued a speeding ticket for 79 in a 65 at U.S. 36 and Utica Junction.

Several other warnings were given for violations in different areas of the county.


Additional Information:

August 15 the LCSO had 23 detainees appear in Circuit Court.

August 15 one detainee sent a letter of apology to Sheriff Cox for his actions and demeanor at the courthouse for a recent hearing. Then the detainee was escorted from the building. Hopefully this person can continue to change their life for the positive in the future.

The LCSO continues to receive reports of local SCAM attempts. The latest some local people were upset they were receiving phone calls that were spoofed to appear as if they were from a local resident. Fortunately no one reported being out any money. The best thing to do is hang up on these creeps.

The LCSO has remained very busy with a variety of investigations, assisting other agencies, training 2 new employees, and other administrative duties.


Thank you for all your continued support of the LCSO and our staff.

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