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August 24 the LCSO began an animal abuse/neglect investigation where a person had dumped several puppies in rural Livingston County. That case has now been completed.

August 26 the LCSO began an investigation at a business in Avalon where a minor incident may have taken place. A female left the bar and retrieved her spouse who then reportedly entered the business and physically assaulted the senior citizen. The aggressor was removed from the building and the LSCO and MSHP responded. Our investigation has been completed and a report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charges.

August 27 the LCSO began working a fraud case where a credit device was used without consent and money was stolen. A suspect has been identified and investigation is continuing.

August 30 the LCSO began a fraud investigation of possible identity theft and fraud. A local resident reported her Verizon account may have been messed with. Verizon would not give the victim much additional information about the account and told her to file a law enforcement report. Investigation continues.

August 31 the LCSO responded to a location in Wheeling to a death investigation of a senior citizen. Investigation strongly suggests the person passed from natural causes. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family and friends.

September 03 the LCSO spent time investigating and recovering a 2001 Chevrolet pickup from a low water crossing near Liv 403 and Liv 426. Person obviously tried crossing deep water and became flooded out. Person apparently abandoned the vehicle and left it there without notifying law enforcement. The vehicle has been towed and we are still seeking the lawful owner to speak with him.

September 04 the LCSO received video evidence from a school bus regarding an investigation of harassment and possible attempted assault. The matter is now being turned over to the juvenile office for handling.

September 07 School Resource Officer/Deputy Sheriff Mike Lewis filed a report with this office regarding an assault investigation at the Chillicothe Alternative School. Both the reported victim and suspect are juveniles and parents, juvenile authorities and school officials are aware of the incident.

September 09 we began a second burglary investigation in the 16000 block of Liv 228 of an outbuilding on a nearby neighbors of a burglary already reported on the media from September 08. Reports will be submitted to the prosecuting attorney upon completion.

September 11 the LCSO responded to a disturbance in Mooresville where a male was reportedly intoxicated and being verbally abusive to the homeowner. The male subject left and went to a family members in Wheeling.

September 12 the LCSO has been investigating alleged Misuse of 911 for the last few days of a case involving a person in Wheeling. The case file is nearly complete and will be submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration.

The LCSO has been investigating a stalking case in rural Livingston County for the last few weeks. At this time we do not have enough information to make an arrest. Our efforts and attention will continue.


Most Wanted:

Arrested September 08 Emily Juanita Waterman, 41, Chillicothe was arrested by the Chillicothe PD on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Probation Violation on class D felony Possession of Controlled Substance. Ms. Waterman had been a fugitive since August 17, 2018.

Added on September 11 Nicki Lynn Swank, 44, whereabouts unknown, on a Livingston County class D felony arrest warrant for alleged Probation Violation on original charge of Possession of Controlled Substance.


Other Arrests:

August 30 a deputy stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and subsequently arrested William Dean Shoop, 37, Chillicothe for alleged Driving While Suspended and Failing to Signal. Mr. Shoop was processed at the LCSO and released on summons.

September 04 the LCSO arrested Tara Renee Hendrix, 33, Brookfield. Ms. Hendrix surrendered to the LCSO on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge’s Order on Pay or Appear for a minor traffic violation. Ms. Hendrix posted bond of $143.50 and was released.

September 04 the LCSO was dispatched to careless and imprudent driver on U.S. 36. The suspect vehicle was soon checked to be running 86 in a 65 and was stopped. The driver, Damarus O. Williams, 40, Chillicothe, was arrested for alleged Excessive Speed, Failure to Keep Right, and Driving While Suspended 1st offense. Mr. Williams was processed at the LCSO and released on the 3 summons.

September 06 the LCSO arrested Travis Dawane Moritz, 45, Chillicothe, on a Chillicothe Municipal Warrant for alleged Stealing. Mr. Moritz posted the $500 bond and was released with a new court date.

September 11 the LCSO arrested Corey David Stottlemyre, 42, Chillicothe at the Livingston County Courthouse. Mr. Stottlemyre was arrested on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Probation Violation on original charge of class D felony Possession of Controlled Substance. Mr. Stottlemyre was transferred to the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail in lieu of bond.

September 12 the LCSO stopped a vehicle in Chillicothe and arrest Ronald J. Greener, 27, Chula for alleged Driving While Suspended/Revoked and No Auto Insurance. Mr. Greener was processed at the LCSO and released on summons.

September 12 a deputy made a traffic stop on a vehicle in Chillicothe and arrested Cynthia Renee Periman, 30, Sugar Creek for alleged Driving While Revoked/Suspended and No Auto Insurance. Ms. Periman was processed at the LCSO and released on summons.



August 31 a deputy issued a Mooresville man a citation for failing to register his motor vehicle annually due to expired April 2018 license plates.

September 07 a citation was issued to a Hamilton driver for No Valid Driver’s License.

September 09 a speeding citation was issued to an Illinois driver for 14 over the speed limit.

September 10 a speeding citation was issued to a Kentucky driver for 19 over the speed limit.

September 10 a speeding citation was issued to a St. Joseph driver for 16 over the speed limit.

September 11 a deputy issued an Illinois driver a speeding citation for 16 over the limit.

September 12 a St. Charles driver was issued a speeding citation for 14 over the speed limit.

September 12 a deputy issued a Chillicothe driver a citation for no valid driver’s license as the person’s license had expired in February.


Additional Information:

Reminder that SCAMMERS try anything and everything to get your money. A local man shared that he received call from 631-510-1135 claiming he would be arrested as there are 4 serious charges against him. They were wanting to get the person confused and have them pay a bond or fine to get rid of the allegations. When actually the intended victim had done nothing wrong. These people did not want to speak with Sheriff Cox and hung up the phone. Information has been shared with the proper agency.

On September 11 the LCSO had 7 detainees in Circuit Court Criminal Law day who appeared before the Honorable R. Brent Elliott.   LCSO staff have been busy with court the last couple of weeks in providing bailiff and courthouse security.

The LCSO is continuing with a variety of criminal investigations one of which includes the seizure of a quantity of possible identity theft crimes, victim’s names and personal identifiers (none from Livingston County), business name and information with materials to forge checks and other evidence. We have been busy examining and sharing this and other potentially important information with specific agencies in Missouri.

This week the LCSO has obtained and executed 2 search warrants on vehicles where alleged incriminating evidence was seized from both. We have obtained a search warrant for a seized cell phone and that item is being transferred to a computer crime lab on September 13.

On September 12 Sheriff Cox attended the Wheeling Town Meeting where area information was exchanged.

LCSO staff have monitored traffic around schools and other areas in the county with several stops made, warnings issued and tickets given when necessary.

On September 13 two deputies are representing the LCSO and Livingston County to honor and respect Greene County Deputy sheriff Aaron Roberts and attend the funeral.

Currently the LCSO has 42 people in custody with 11 of these being female detainees at the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail.

If you know anything about these or other crimes please contact us at 660-646-0515, dispatch at 660-646-2121, or submit a TIP through our website at www.livcoso.org.


Sheriff Steve Cox

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