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September 28 the LCSO recovered a stolen vehicle from Chillicothe on September 26. The vehicle was located in the 22000 block of Liv 443 near Dawn. The vehicle was removed by Peerys Towing for processing by the Chillicothe Police Dept.

September 28 the LCSO dealt with a resident regarding a possible stolen vehicle from Chillicothe and/or Macon. The matter was deemed to be a civil disagreement.

October 01-03 the LCSO assisted a business with a missing $10,000 piece of equipment and a $6,900 piece of equipment. The first piece of equipment has been returned and the second is in the process of being fully paid for.

October 02 the LCSO began an investigation of felony Driving While Revoked after an officer witnessed a person driving but was delayed in receiving information on the driving status of the person. A report will be submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration due to the lengthy driving record of the suspect.

October 03 the LCSO began an investigation of alleged child abuse. The LCSO and DFS employee have interviewed children and adults separately and the report will be sent to the prosecuting attorney to be reviewed.

October 03 the LCSO was involved in recovering a stolen vehicle which had not yet been reported stolen from a location in Chillicothe. The Chillicothe Police were notified and we assisted their officer with the recovery and turned evidence over to that agency.

October 03 the LCSO began an investigation of trespassing and property damage in the northwest part of Livingston County. A possible suspect has been identified and investigation continues.

October 03 the LCSO began an investigation of a Registered Sex Offender allegedly not compliant with reports a new address to the LCSO. The investigation is complete and we are seeking an arrest warrant for the suspect.

October 03 the LCSO completed a fraud investigation where an out-of-state Trucking Company allegedly committed fraud and compelled their driver to haul a massive overweight load across Missouri. The commercial motor vehicle and driver were stopped by the MSHP in Livingston County earlier this summer and the investigation was later directed to our office for the alleged felony investigation. Reports are being submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney for consideration of criminal charges.

October 04 the LCSO has completed an investigation of alleged Theft, Credit Card Fraud and Forgery where a suspect has been identified. The suspect has refused to call or speak with the investigating officer and the report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of multiple charges. An additional potential theft and forgery has been identified and is being shared with another sheriff’s office for investigation.


Most Wanted:

October 03 we added and later arrested Jessa Delayne Hobbs, 26, Chillicothe on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Violation of Bond Conditions on 2 original charges of class D felony Possession of Controlled Substance. Ms. Hobbs was transferred to the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail in lieu of $25,000 bond.

October 04 we added Dustin Ray Miller, 33, unknown address, wanted on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged class E felony Attempted Stealing-$750 or more. Bond was set at $5,000 on case #18LV-CR00452.



September 26 the LCSO served a Livingston County arrest warrant on Irvin John Rill, 60, Homeless for alleged 2 counts each of class D felony Burglary 2nd degree, class E felony Property Damage 1st degree.

September 28 the LCSO served a Grundy County arrest warrant on Christopher Robert Brannam, 36, Mooresville for alleged Violation of a Court Order. Mr. Brannam was transferred to the custody of the Grundy County Sheriff.

October 03 the LCSO arrested James Doosing, 52, Chillicothe on a Sullivan County arrest warrant for alleged 3 counts class A misdemeanor of Non-Support.   Mr. Doosing posted the $700 cash bond and was released with a Sullivan County Court date.



September 26 an Illinois drivers was cited for 13 over the speed limit.

September 26 a Columbia driver was cited for 16 over the speed limit.

September 26 a Kansas City driver was cited for 19 over the speed limit.

September 27 a Kansas driver was cited for 15 over the speed limit.

September 27 an Oklahoma driver was cited for 17 over the speed limit.

September 29 a Chillicothe driver was issued 2 citations being for 81 in a 60 at Highway JJ and for No Valid Driver’s License.

September 30 a stop sign violation citation was issued for a violation in the Village of Utica.

October 01 a Careless and Imprudent Driving citation was issued to a Minnesota driver for allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed and nearly rear ending a sheriff vehicle which was slowing/signaling to make a left turn and the same driver then almost struck another east bound vehicle on U.S. 36 near Wheeling when avoiding a collision with law enforcement.

October 02 a deputy issued a speeding citation to a Chillicothe driver for 19 over the speed limit on Highway 190.

October 04 an Illinois driver was cited for 13 over the speed limit.


Additional Information:

October 03 both Deputy Williams and Deputy Minnis attended training in Trenton Missouri on Pipeline Safety.

October 04 the LCSO assisted other agencies in searching for out of county resident who reportedly called another out of county agency and indicated they were currently suicidal.

Currently the LCSO has 43 people in custody at the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail, 14 of which are female detainees.

The LCSO has remained busy conducting criminal investigations, assisting other agencies, handling Court and Courthouse security, administrative issues, training, and helping stranded motorists.

If you have any information about these or other crimes, please call us at 660-646-0515, dispatch at 660-646-2121, or submit a crime TIP through our website at www.livcoso.org.


Sheriff Steve Cox

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