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December 29 the LCSO towed a vehicle from Highway V and Liv 251 which had been involved in a hit and run accident. Information was shared with the Chillicothe Police.

January 02 the LCSO has completed an investigation from August 29 in Chillicothe. At that time our office was investigating criminal activities and searching for a fugitive. The LCSO ended up seizing suspected controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. The Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Lab report came back January 02, 2019 and identified the evidence as Methamphetamine. A report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charge(s).

January 03 the LCSO began an investigation of a Registered Sex Offender allegedly in violation of sex offender registration requirements. This resulted in the arrest of Alan E. Kitchener, 36, Chillicothe. Mr. Kitchener is required to register due to a 2006 Livingston County conviction for Child Molestation-1st Degree where victim was 11. Mr. Kitchener has since been investigated and convicted in Livingston County in 2017 for being Physically Present/Loiter within 500 feet of a Park with Playground/Pool/Museum-1st offense and is currently on probation for that conviction. Mr. Kitchener was arrested January 03 for the alleged sex offender registration violation and incarcerated. Mr. Kitchener is out on bond for that allegation and appears in Livingston County Court January 08.

January 04 the LCSO responded to a reported Domestic Disturbance in Utica. The investigation shows no evidence of a crime.

January 05 the LCSO began a theft investigation of $800 worth of property being an HP Laptop computer, Samsung phone, and other item(s). A suspect has been identified and is suspected of stealing items to support a methamphetamine addiction. Investigation continues with a search for the suspect.

January 05 the LCSO began an investigation into possible child sex offense(s) where the suspect is also a juvenile. Child Advocacy Center is assisting with interviews of the potential victim(s). Investigation continues.

January 06 the LCSO responded to a location on Liv 320 due to a person reporting their white Chevrolet pickup stolen from their property during the night. Further investigation showed a stolen vehicle from Chillicothe had been partially ran off a bridge not far from this crime victims home. Cases have since been solved with arrest by LCSO and MSHP on 1-8-19. Gabrielson Towing assisted with recovering the stolen pickup abandoned on the bridge.

January 06 the LCSO handled an animal complaint in Chula. One person’s dog(s) killed another person’s chickens and the adults agreed to work out the issues over the chickens.

January 06 a set of license plates were recovered in Utica which had been previously stolen in St. Joseph.

January 07 The LCSO handled a Domestic Disturbance in Ludlow area. No criminal violation took place and the parties separated for at least the day.

A methamphetamine investigation from June 27, 2018 has ended with the LCSO seeking an arrest warrant on a 26-year-old Chillicothe woman. The LCSO seized a container of suspected methamphetamine from the suspect during a drug investigation. That person was arrested on another matter and the evidence was submitted to the crime lab. The lab report confirms the evidence is methamphetamine.

The LCSO has completed Interference with Custody investigation where the mother in Grundy County reported the violation with the father in Livingston County. The child has been fine and appears there is a child custody court proceeding as well. Report submitted to the prosecuting attorney as requested.

A drug investigation in Wheeling from August has been completed. The Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Lab reported the evidence seized off a man in Wheeling is in fact Methamphetamine. A report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charges.


Most Wanted:

Added:  Jamie Corin Damewood, 36, Independence, wanted on Livingston County felony warrant for alleged class B felony Burglary 1st degree.



December 28 Kaya M. Miles, 26 was extradited from Illinois on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Violation of Bond Conditions on original class C felony of Forgery.

January 02 the LCSO arrested William Schneiter, 58, Dawn on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Violation of Bond Conditions on a felony allegation of drug crime. Ms. Schneiter was transferred to the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail in lieu of bond.

January 06 a deputy arrested Charles Joshua Maupin, 39, Utica for alleged Driving While Suspended. Mr. Maupin was processed and released with a summons to appear in Court on February 06.  

January 08 the LCSO arrested Joseph Orville Lawson, 47, Chillicothe on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged class D felony Sexual Misconduct Involving a Child Under 15-2nd/Subsequent Offense 566.083 RSMO. This investigation by the LCSO alleges Mr. Lawson was doing something completely inappropriate outside his home while reportedly being engrossed in watching one or more children nearby his home. Mr. Lawson is currently a registered child sex offender with the LCSO for a 1991 Livingston County conviction of Sodomy involving a 6 year old child. Mr. Lawson remains incarcerated in the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail in lieu of $25,000 bond.



January 08 the LCSO had 18 detainees appear before Circuit Judge Ryan Horsman for Criminal Law Day.

January 09 the LCSO had 12 detainees appear before Associate Circuit Judge Michael Leamer for Associate Law Day.

This week the LCSO began full time Courthouse Security duties at the courthouse. Additional information will be given on upcoming changes with this enhanced security.



January 05 an Illinois driver was cited for 87 in a 65 on U.S. 36.

January 05 a Kansas City driver was cited for 80 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Highway D.


Additional Information:

January 08 the LCSO has applied for reimbursement from the State of Missouri on out of state extradition expenses of $550.80 on returning Kaya M. Miles to our custody on a felony warrant.

January 08 the LCSO called the Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services for ambulance service for a person in custody on medical complaint. The detainee was taken to Hedrick Medical Center for evaluation.

January 09 Chief Deputy Michael Claypole and Sheriff Cox met with the County Commission for about 2 hours on 2019 budget requests. This was a great meeting and productive for all.

January 09 the LCSO assisted the Humane Society with locating a dog a recently arrested person had left at a residence without care. The dog is being well cared for now.

Currently we have 36 people in custody at Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail, 11 of these detainees are female.


Reminder that all persons are innocent unless and until proven guilty in a Court of Law. An investigation, arrest or even arrest warrant is merely an allegation and nothing more

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