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Court Ordered Transports




The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) recently received Court orders to cause the following detainees to be transported to the Missouri Department of Corrections to either serve a sentence or attend treatment program. All persons were transported on January 16, 2019.


Athena R. Dawe, 40, Kansas City      Forgery 3 years.


Renee Korona, 28, Chillicothe           Possession Controlled Substance           2 years.


Geri Newsom, 40, Independence       Delivery of Controlled Substance 6 years.


Ashley Watkins, 33, Kansas              Possession Controlled Substance           3 years.


Mariah Grant, 23, Kansas City           Stealing      7 years.


Courtney White, 20, Springfield         Possession Controlled Substance           5 years.


William Schneiter, 58, Dawn              Possession Controlled Substance           4 years.


Travis Donoho, 29, Chillicothe            Possession Controlled Substance           4 years.


Michael L. King, 39, Trenton               Driving without a valid license      4 years.


William J. Floyd, 24, Braymer             Domestic Assault 3rd  4 years.

We hope this is the last time any of these people are involved in the criminal justice system.

Sheriff Steve Cox