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End of Year Report for 2018, Part 1 of 2


Livingston County Sheriff’s Office


End of Year Report for 2018

January 31, 2019

Part I of II


The following report is compiled of information from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), Livingston County Clerk’s Office, and Dispatch Office:

In 2018 the LCSO was authorized a maximum strength of 8 full time road deputies and the sheriff. In November 2018 we were authorized to hire a full time courthouse security officer who is a sworn deputy sheriff.

During much of 2018 our office experienced 2 open vacant positions and just as many Missouri agencies we continued experiencing difficulty with attracting and retaining sworn staff. This is continuing into 2019 as we are seeking to fill one full time road patrol deputy position. Our office continues to recruit statewide through a variety of avenues.

The LCSO covers approximately 539 square miles for everything from criminal investigations, calls for service, patrol, court and civil process service, traffic accident and enforcement and assisting other agencies. We are also required to have an adequate number of bailiff(s) in both Associate and Circuit Court and notify prospective jurors of service and trails.


Road Patrol:

The LCSO has a fleet of patrol vehicles which allow road deputies to have a take home car for urgent call-out. Being a small agency with hundreds of miles to cover it is imperative for the safety of all our citizens this office can quickly send most or all of our staff to a serious emergency. Most of our patrol vehicles have in-car computers or Mobile Data Terminals which permit the deputies to work more from their vehicles and collect information, statements and even evidence while at the scene of a crime.

Item                     2018      2017     2016      2015      2014

Incident Reports      613        629        603        529         572

Arrest Reports         202        179        177        171         173

Civil Process           1551      1512     1342      1423       1566

Traffic Stops           1427       967        946        518        604

Citations                  521       233        263        172         N/A

Most significant change is in the numbers of traffic stops and citations for 2018. The LCSO frequently receives calls on aggressive, careless or intoxicated drivers on our roads and highways.  Also additional enforcement efforts during coordinated grant funded traffic safety overtime and response when on patrol to areas of the county. The sheriff and deputies have noted many times the number of serious traffic violations seems to have increased as has the volumes of traffic on our U.S. Highways in Livingston County.

Note: All fine money collected by the Courts for moving violations issued by the LCSO is distributed to the public schools serving Livingston County children.



Item                  2018       2017      2016       2015      2014


Average Daily

Population (ADP)  38.91       28.6         32         41.78       41.91


Board of Prisoners: $444,803* for 2018.   $294,725 in 2017    $369,100 in 2016, $457,530 in 2015, $458,895 in 2014.


Medical Care     $15,454  $13,398    $16,675     $17,104    $15,701


Sheriff Steve Cox

(* note: November 2018 jail board bill was not received and submitted in time to show on this budget.)