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End of Year Report Part II of II



Livingston County Sheriff’s Office

End of Year Report 2018

Part II of II


February 01, 2019


The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) operates under several different budgets which include: County Revenue for both Jail and Sheriff, Law Enforcement Sales Tax (LEST) for both Jail and Sheriff, Civil Fees, Inmate Security, CCW and Law Enforcement Training. The county revenue and Law Enforcement Sales Tax are funded through sales tax in Livingston County. The others are funded through either civil service fees or specific legally obligated funding outside of tax revenue. All fines on moving violations for traffic citations goes through the court and is distributed to all public schools serving Livingston County residents.


2018 Budget Returns:

The LCSO remained within all 8 of our budgets for 2018 and returned the following amounts to the county for each specific budget:

Source              Budgeted                   % Used            Under Budget

County Revenue-Sheriff         

                       $587,005                     95.65%            $25,554.71

County Revenue-Jail              

                       $460,000                     96.7%              $15,197

Law Enforcement Training    

                       $4,750                         98.84%            $54.96

Inmate Security                      

                       $13,000                       61.54%             $5,000


                       $170,800                     98.63%            $2,334.84


                       $88,550                       91.09%             $7,886.75


                       $2,600                         97.88%            $55.00

Civil Fees                                

                       $19,000                       98.13%              $355.56


Total Budget Savings:                                                                                   $56,438.82


Notable Expenditures for 2018:

Fuel: $26,161 up from $19,737 in 2017. We used approximately 12,000 gallons of fuel in 2018.

Utilities: $9125 up from $8,488 in 2017.

Telephone: $5,629 down from $6,153 in 2017.


Revenue Shortage:

Board of Prisoners State Reimbursement: Livingston County is owed approximately $107,000 from the State of Missouri for unpaid 2018 board bills.


Calls for Service:       2018                2017                Result


Dispatched Calls for Service:             

                                 4,387               4,579               -192

Answered Incoming Telephone Calls @ LCSO:    

                                 21,653             19,560             +2,093

Outgoing Telephone Calls @ LCSO:  

                                 7,897               7,027               +870

Average Telephone calls per day:     

                                 80.95               72.84               +8.11


The LCSO administrative office is only open Monday through Friday 8-4 and that is also when the majority of sworn staff are working active investigations and assisting citizens. Therefore the average number of telephone calls per day is actually about 20-25% higher as reported above, but unable to be calculated.


Registered Offenders and Exotic Animal Registration:

The county sheriff is mandated to register certain criminal offenders and exotic animals that are located in Livingston County. The LCSO takes sex offender registration and the laws very seriously, conduct compliance checks and actively investigate violations. We share our information with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.


                    2018                2017                2016                2015

Registered Offenders:           

                      43                    36                    34                    44

Exotic Animals:                      

                      3                      17                    45                    45


Civil Process Served:

Missouri law requires the sheriff’s office to serve Associate, Probate and Circuit process (subpoenas, law suits, divorces, summons and other notices from the court unless a private process server is appointed) Many of these require multiple attempts to locate the person to serve:

                 2018               2017                2016                2015

Served:     1,551               1,512               1,342               1,423


Concealed Carry Permits:


                 2018               2017                2016                2015

New Permits Issues:               

                   29                    36                    322                  123

Renewal Permits:                   

                   32                    5                      64                    170

End of Report for 2018.  We thank each and every person who has supported law enforcement and the efforts of this office in 2018 and also in prior years. 

Sheriff Steve Cox