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Please Use Common Sense for Personal Safety


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May 31, 2019 about 9:00 a.m. the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) received information the railroad crew south of Chillicothe saw a man on a levee south of U.S. 36 and at least a couple of miles west of U.S. 65. The man was yelling for someone to come and tow his Volkswagen car off the side of the levee surrounded by flood water.

Deputy Jay Shirley and Captain Sindy Thomas responded for the LCSO and met one of the owners of Beetsma Farms who was kind enough to assist our officers to get this man out of the flooded area.

The man was okay. The man for some unknown reasons decided to circumvent the flooded highways and think he could drive his car over the levees through the flood waters and get to 65 highway! The car remains there. The man is most likely being cited for Trespassing, Careless and Imprudent Driving for leaving the roadway and violating the road closed barriers, and no proof of auto insurance.

We greatly appreciate the help from Beetsma Farms. Fortunately we were able to avoid using a boat for a potential water rescue. Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services and Chillicothe Police were on alert and ready to assist if needed.


May 31, 2019 about 9:59 a.m. a deputy reported seeing a vehicle traveling east on U.S. 36 west of Chillicothe near Coon Creek. The highway is shut down due to the flooding and this vehicle was driving through the flood water. When the driver saw the deputy they turned their vehicle around and drove west in the east bound closed lanes of U.S. 36 in the flood water. Deputy Shirley and Captain Thomas were at Utica and stopped this person. The New Mexico driver is being cited for Careless and Imprudent Driving for violating the barricades closing 36 at Utica.


May 31, 2019 about 2:40 a.m. LCSO was notified a semi driver had gone through the barricades placed at Liv 216 and Route V on May30 to prevent people from driving into the flood water in their attempts to circumvent the closure of U.S. 36 near Wheeling due to flooding. The semi driver was demanding assistance from a deputy in backing the semi out of the closed road. This person may receive a citation for careless and imprudent driving once the incident report has been completed. The barricades were there for a reason in addition to the sign showing the road closed.


We are sharing this with you because we want everyone to be safe. MoDOT and emergency workers have invested a lot of time and hard work in attempt to keep people informed and ensure safety.  We have fortunately avoided any serious injuries or death so far during this flood in Livingston County and we hope to see that continue!  

Be safe,

Sheriff Steve Cox

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