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Incident, Arrests, Zaki and MORE


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July 20 the LCSO began an investigation into reported burglary and theft from private property in the 12000 block of LIV 228.   Victims are missing at least 2 Stihl chainsaws being an easy pull MS 251 C-BE and a model 025, Camo Compound Bow with Arrows, Cobra release and a brown colored case, solar 6v fencer silver in color with big screen on top and a solar 6 V fencer black in color with solar screen on the front. Investigation continues.

August 05 we completed a search for a missing semi and driver as both were located in the western part of Livingston County. All was found to be okay and the driver was contacting his dispatchers.

August 09 the LCSO received a report of a lost or stolen license plate to a trailer. Information was entered into the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System (MULES).

August 06 the LCSO had to request assistance from both the Chillicothe Police and Missouri State Highway Patrol due to multiple serious events all happening about the same time.   About 11:52 LCSO staff were handling bailiff duties in Court and two officers responded to an armed man in Chula (press release 8-6-19) and a few minutes later the Chillicothe Police agreed to assist us as an unknown female was reportedly flipping out on drugs west of Chillicothe on U.S. 36 and a short while later a man in Utica area was having serious mental health issues and MSHP responded to that. Eventually 2 deputies made it to Utica area and took the male into custody for self-protection and transported the person to HMC and later obtained a 96-hour Court order to transfer the person to another facility.

August 07 the LCSO applied for and received a search warrant from the Associate Court to search items seized on August 06 as part of a drug investigation. The search resulted in the seizure of suspected methamphetamine and methamphetamine paraphernalia. These items will be sent to the Missouri State Highway Patrol for lab analysis. The suspect was identified and information will be shared with the prosecuting attorney. We appreciate Prosecutor Adam Warren and Associate Judge Michael Leamer for all their extra work with these types of orders.

August 08 the LCSO dealt with a local resident who had received emergency guardianship and we picked the person up per court order. Subject was treated and released from local hospital and then transferred to another facility in St. Joseph per Court order. LCSO staff is still dealing with this issue today as the subject was released for unknown reason(s) from the St. Joseph hospital and we have been working with Public Administrator Sherry Parks and Associate Court Judge Leamer on how to further help this person.

August 09 the LCSO responded to a location in Wheeling regarding a medical facilities concern over a person failing to make their important appointment and concerned for that individuals well-being. Fortunately someone reported finding the person to be okay and in another location.

Recently a deputy had contact with a person on bond for an alleged sex offense in another county. Due to concerns the deputy reported the information to the supervision services in that county.


Most Wanted:

Arrested on August 06 was Kelli Lynn Summers, 39 by authorities in Grundy County on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged class D felony Possession of Controlled Substance-Methamphetamine. Ms. Summers will be extradited to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail at first opportunity.

Arrested on August 08 was James Paul Eugene Haight, 19, by authorities in Clay County on Livingston County arrest warrants for alleged Bond Violation on original class E felony Knowingly Burning or Exploding and class E felony Property Damage 1st degree. Mr. Haight has been a fugitive since June 19, 2019. Another warrant was issued on July 23, 2019 for class E felony alleged Failure to Appear in Court. Mr. Haight will be extradited at our first opportunity.

Arrested on August 08 was Josie S. Murphy, 26 was wanted for alleged Probation Violation on original class E felony Fraudulently Attempting to Obtain a Controlled Substance, 579.045 RSMO.  Bond set at $20,000 cash on case #17LV-CR00052-01 with warrant dated July 16, 2019. Ms. Murphy will be extradited at first opportunity once her waiver of extradition has been signed.

Arrested on August 08 was Hector Manuel Sanchez, 48, by authorities in Iowa. Mr. Sanchez is wanted in Livingston County on alleged class D felony Bond Condition Violation on original felony Stealing. Mr. Sanchez may have additional charge(s) in Iowa and will be extradited at first opportunity.

Arrested on August 09 was Buddy Alan Harris, 35 on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Probation Violation on original class C felony Delivery of Controlled Substance. Mr. Harris will be extradited at first opportunity once he waives extradition process.

Added August 09, 3 felony arrest warrants for Amber Marie Korona, 36, Sumner, MO all for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge’s Order on original class D felony Forgery. Total bond is $45,000 cash with warrants dated August 06, 2019.

Added August 09 on class D felony arrest warrant for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge’s Order on original Possession of Controlled Substance-Methamphetamine. Bond set at $50,000 on case #19LV-Cr00290-01 with warrant dated August 06, 2019.



August 01 the LCSO and Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services responded to a call on Highway 139 and Highway H of a vehicle in the roadway. Investigation resulted in the arrest of Joseph Andrew Silvey, 28, Hale for alleged Driving While Intoxicated. Mr. Silvey was processed and released on a summons to appear in Court September 25.

August 02 LCSO arrested Lori Reena Stewart, 37, Kansas for traveling 96 in a 65. Ms. Stewart posted bond at the LCSO and was released on a summons with mandatory court date of September 04, 2019.

August 02 the LCSO arrested Angela Renee Murry, 44, Chillicothe on a City of Chillicothe Municipal arrest warrant for alleged Operated Motor Vehicle on Highway While Driver License Suspended. Ms. Murry posted the $150 bond and was released with a court date to appear.

August 04 a local business called reporting they delivered a meal outside of the county. The delivery driver did not count the cash given at time of exchange and was later found to be short money. The situation was resolved without criminal charge.

August 06 we extradited Vonda K. Glosser, 35, from the Jackson County Jail on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Probation Violation on original Endangering Welfare of a Child. Ms. Glosser posted bond and was released pending Court appearance.

August 06 we extradited Kelli L. Summers, 39 from the Grundy County Sheriff on alleged Livingston County arrest warrant on Possession of Controlled Substance-Methamphetamine. Ms. Summers has been released on bond pending next Court appearance.

August 06 while in Circuit Court we were ordered to take the following people into custody per Court order:

Dallas Austin Arnold, 20 for alleged Delivery of Controlled Substance.

Toby Darren Griffin, 47, alleged DWI.

Michael Alan Knowles, 28, alleged Possession of Controlled Substance.

Dale Marvin Barker, 43, alleged Assault 3rd Degree.   These 4 people were transferred to the Daviess Dekalb County Jail.

August 07 the LCSO arrested Allie Anne Adkison, 24, Chillicothe who surrendered on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Inhaling Solvents Ms. Adkison was processed and released on bond.

August 07 the LCSO took Charles Joshua Maupin, 39 into custody during Associate Court per Court Order on alleged Bond Violation on Domestic Assault charge. Mr. Maupin was transferred to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail.

August 08 the LCSO arrested Michael Lee Acklin, 44, Carrollton on two Chillicothe Municipal arrest warrants for alleged traffic and seat belt violation. Mr. Acklin posted the $160 bond and was released with new court date.



August 08 Zaki and Deputy Leadbetter were summoned to assist a Chillicothe Police Officer on a traffic stop. Zaki alerted to the presence of drug odor(s) and the officer recovered drug paraphernalia. (See CPD for additional details).

August 08 Zaki and Deputy Leadbetter were summoned to Caldwell County as law enforcement had attempted to arrest a felony fugitive at a residence. Somehow the suspect fled on foot from the officers into a wooded area. Zaki picked up the trail for quite some distance to a location officers believe the suspect was picked up by unknown person(s) on a roadway. Investigation continues. (See Caldwell County Sheriff for additional details).



August 02 a speeding citation was issued to an Illinois driver for 90 in a 65.

August 03 a citation was issued to a rural Chillicothe driver for Failure to Register Motor Vehicle Annually with Director of Revenue.

August 09 a citation was issued to a Minnesota driver for 21 over the speed limit.


Additional Information:

August 5 the LCSO extradited Edwin Tipton from Camden County Sheriff to appear in Court in Livingston County for alleged Aggravated DWI and Mr. Tipton was returned to the Camden County Sheriff after court on August 06.

The LCSO has been extremely busy with all types of work from Calls for Service, Investigations, Court, Assisting Other Agencies, Prisoner Transports and Extraditions, dealing with multiple persons intoxicated on methamphetamine, dealing with hostile people, and many other statutory obligations. It was a week when we could have easily used 10 or more additional deputy sheriffs on staff.

Extradition of John B. Carey, 24, Colorado was extradited from El Paso County, Colorado and booked into the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged felony Property Damage-1st Degree.

The LCSO has had quite a bit of trouble with vehicle breakdowns on transports. One car overheated and was towed from near the DDRJ to local repair shop for repairs. Another patrol vehicle broke down due to over-heating and was repaired at an area shop and then used for a transport and overheated again. Repair shop reported the new device put on the car was apparently faulty and replaced free of charge. On August 09 an employee was extraditing a prisoner from Clay County and that different patrol vehicle broke down. A local tow company took another patrol vehicle to the employee and returned our broken down car to a local repair shop. We had two other patrol vehicles each have 1 tire ruined due to dangerous items in the roadway such as large staples/nails. The LCSO actively works on preventative maintenance on our patrol vehicles in attempt to avoid just these problems. Some of our vehicles have over 150,000 miles. We appreciate the help from the local towing services and repair shops.

As of Friday afternoon the LCSO has 22 people in custody at the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail, 4 of which are female detainees.


Sheriff Steve Cox

NOTE: All persons are innocent unless and until proven guilty in a Court of Law. An arrest or arrest warrant is merely an allegation and nothing more!

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