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LCSO End of Year Press part 2 of 3


Livingston County Sheriff's Office

End of Year Report 2019

Part II of III


January 29, 2019


The Livingston County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) operates under several different budgets which are shared below. The county revenue and Law Enforcement Sales Tax (LEST) are funded through dedicated sales tax in Livingston County. The others are funded through either civil service fees or legally obligated non-tax revenue. Inmate Security Funds budget is transferred each year and applied to medical care for detainees which is a budget line item in LEST. Fines on moving violations for traffic citations are collected through the court and distributed to all public schools serving Livingston County children.


2019 Budget Returns:

The LCSO remained within all 8 of our budgets for 2019 and returned the following amounts to the county for each specific budget:

Source                           Spent:     % Budget Used:    Under Budget:

County Revenue-Sheriff         

                                    $638,719        97.02%              $19,625

County Revenue-Jail              

                                    $489,065        85.07%              $85,810

Law Enforcement Training    

                                    $3,944            82.18%              $855

Inmate Security                      

                                    $14,967          99.78%              $33


                                    $189,700         91.36%              $17,949


                                    $99,095           91.56%              $9,132



                                    $580                52.73%              $520

Civil Fees                                

                                    $15,991            82.86%             $3,308


Total of all 2019 budgets spent: $1,452,061

Total of all budgeted LCSO funds returned to County Commission: $137,232

LCSO remained within all approved budgets for 2019.

(Source: December 31, 2019 Expenditures Report from Livingston County Clerk.)


Calls for Service:                      2019             2018            2017               


Dispatched Calls for Service:             

                                   6,437            4,387            4,579              

Answered Incoming Telephone Calls @ LCSO:    

                                   24,213           21,653          19,560            

Outgoing Telephone Calls @ LCSO:  

                                   9,298             7,897            7,027     


Average Telephone calls per day at 365 days:     

                                   91.81             80.95             72.84        

Average number of Telephone calls

Each 8-hour day Monday-Friday at 261 week days:   

                                   128.39            113.21              101.86


Dispatch has logged a significant increase in the number of dispatched calls for service for this office in 2019. This is an increase of 31.8% from 2018 and remember we only have 8 road patrol deputies and the sheriff to cover nearly 540 square miles in our jurisdiction. Those same officers have multiple other duties and statutory obligations. This data was provided by Chillicothe Police Department Dispatching Supervisor.

The area of phone calls in and out of the LCSO is another coverage issue. We often times see all 3 lines going at the same time and these figures do not include citizens calls made to the dispatch office located at the Chillicothe Police Department. This alone is an increase of approximately 11.8% from 2018 and 20.6% from 2017. Note the LCSO only has one office manager and now one part time office assistant. The sheriff and deputies are the support staff in handling daily activities at the LCSO which helping with information requests is part of our job. If you factor in all the calls that now go to CPD Dispatch for this office the numbers have swelled considerably more. Note the call log data was obtained from the LCSO phone recorder system.

The LCSO administrative office hours are primarily Monday through Friday 8-4. We do not include telephone calls as calls for service. Vast majority of phone calls at the LCSO are received/made during administrative hours which would actually boost the average but is impossible to accurately figure. The telephone call numbers does not include citizen calls to the dispatch center located at the Chillicothe Police Department.


Registered Offenders and Exotic Animal Registration:

The county sheriff is mandated to register certain criminal offenders and exotic animals located in Livingston County. The LCSO takes sex offender registration very seriously, conduct compliance checks and actively investigate violations. We share our information with the Missouri State Highway Patrol Sex Offender Registration Unit.


                               2019        2018        2017      2016      2015

Registered Offenders:           

                                  39           43             36          34            44

Exotic Animals:                      

                                  3             3               17          45            45


Concealed Carry Permits:


                              2019        2018         2017       2016      2015

New Permits Issued:               

                               16             29              36          322         123

Renewal Permits:

                               107           32               5           64            170

We support and encourage qualified Livingston County residents exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights. Although Missouri law does not require the permit to carry concealed within the state we still encourage residents to obtain their CCW Permit especially if you travel out-of-state. You should also check to make certain where you are traveling to will honor Missouri CCW Permits.

We thank each you for your past, present and future support of law enforcement and emergency responders. We work here because we care!


Sheriff Steve Cox

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