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Questions on Stay At Home Order by Governor


We have received multiple questions about this order.  Governor Parson with assistance from medical and other professionals is leading the state in the right direction for the safety and security of our citizens during this pandemic.  

In attempt to answer some of the frequent questions we have received:

This is not Martial law.  The military is not here or taking over our county.

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office will NOT be stopping motorists solely to determine if you are in violation of the request to Shelter in Place.  

The LCSO will not be issuing citations to citizens who are out.  We believe you are very capable to determine if you "need" to be out of your home.

We will always assist the Livingston County Health Center, First Responders and other Law Enforcement Agencies whenever and wherever needed for the health and safety of all.

The LCSO will continue responding to calls for service, investigate crimes, and be steadfast in protecting our citizens.  We are very mindful of potential criminal acts during these times and are being watchful and will always take appropriate action.

We are actively communicating and working closely with the Chillicothe Police, Missouri State Highway Patrol and leadership for the County and State.   CPD Chief Jon Maples and Sheriff Cox communicate daily about issues and needs.  Sheriff Cox has also been receiving periodic updates from the Missouri Sheriffs' Association on information from around the state.  

We continue to be here to help you 24/7.  Dispatch can be reached at 660-646-2121 or dial 911 for an emergency.  Those professionals will collect needed information and dispatch the proper people and response to the situation.

Please follow Governor Parson's directives and pay attention to local and statewide media for updates.  Stay at Home or Shelter in Place is simply asking everyone to do that as best possible.  If you do not need to be out for urgent needs (food, work, medicine, medical care) then stay in and avoid the virus.

Please keep all our medical workers, emergency first responders, and everyone who must be out in your thoughts and prayers.  We want everyone to make it home and be safe.

Sheriff Steve Cox