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Court Ordered Transfers


Recently the Livingston County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) received Court orders to transfer the following detainees to the Missouri Department of Corrections to attend a program or serve a sentence:

William Long, 25, Trenton Unlawful Possession Firearm - 7 years DOC, ITP Program.

Shaun Mindham, 36, Blue Springs Possession Controlled Substance - 4 years DOC, Resisting Arrest (Change Venue from Caldwell) - 2 years DOC consecutive.

Douglas Coin, 36, Wheeling Possession Controlled Substance - 4 years DOC.

William Cooper, 40, Macon Possession Controlled Substance - 5 years DOC - ITP program.

Robin Bryson, 45, Hale Probation Violation - Distribution Controlled Subtance Near Schools - 15 years DOC.

These people will be transferred at the earliest opportunity.


Sheriff Steve Cox