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Court Ordered Transports to DOC



The Livingston County Sheriff's Office recently received Court orders to transfer the following detainees to the Missouri Department of Corrections to either serve a sentence or attend a program:

Ronald M. Harris, 34, Chillicothe       Tampering with motor vehicle - 4 years DOC consecutive.

Devin Keithley, 20, Chillicothe           Probation Violation - Property Damage - 4 years DOC consecutive; Probation Violation - Tampering - 5 years DOC consecutive.

James Laughlin, 31, Chillicothe          Delivery Controlled Substance - 7 years DOC - ITP Program.

Tyler Bitters, 29, Kansas City, MO      Possession Controlled Substance - 3 years DOC.

Colton Duncan, 36, Chillicothe           Possession Controlled Substance - 7 years DOC - ITP Program.

Michael Lent, 31, Chillicothe              Endangering Welfare of Child - 7 years DOC - ITP Program.

Traci Yates, 46, Easton, MO        Probation Violation - Terrorist Threats - 7 years DOC - ITP Program.

LCSO transferred the men to DOC in St. Joseph last week.


Sheriff Steve Cox