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Court Ordered Transfers to DOC



The Livingston County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) recently received Court orders to cause the following detainees be transferred to the Missouri Department of Corrections to serve a sentence or attend a treatment program:

Misty Norman, 36, Tulsa, OK             Possession Controlled Substance - 2 years DOC.

Ashley Brown, 31, Ludlow                  Probation Violation - Possession Controlled Substance - CODS.

Rebecca Kephart, 43, Wheeling        Possession Controlled Substance - 3 years DOC.

James A. Hollon, 61, Gladstone, on change venue from Caldwell County for  felony Possession Controlled Substance - 7 years DOC

Mr. Hollon has a history with the Livingston County Sheriff's Office as Jail records show Mr. Hollon was booked into the Livingston County Jail March 09, 1987 for the then alleged crime of Murder that took place in another county.  (At that time Livingston County also held detainees for Linn County, Daviess County and occasionally Sullivan County.)

On Easter Sunday in 1987 then Deputy Sheriff Steve Cox was working at the Livingston County Jail and noticed Mr. Hollon acting very strange and was the only detainee in one cell area.  Deputy Cox summoned then Deputy Sheriff Jim Lightner to the LCSO for safety concern due to Mr. Hollon's actions for when meals would be passed out.  When the meal tray was being passed to Mr. Hollon he exited his cell, refused directions from Deputy Cox and then assaulted the deputy in his attempt to escape from custody.   Mr. Hollon put up quite a fight but was finally returned to his cell by both deputies. 

May 06, 1987 Mr. Hollon was sentenced to 25 year in the Missouri Department of Corrections for Murder and was sentenced for 2 years on the Attempted Escape from Confinement.

Mr. Hollon was arrested in Caldwell County on this most recent felony being a drug violation and the case transferred to Livingston County on a Change of Venue request by Mr. Hollon.  Caldwell County Sheriff will be transferring Mr. Hollon to the Missouri Department of Corrections as the earliest convenience.  All other detainees will be transferred at the earliest opportunity.


Sheriff Steve Cox