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Local Hero



Eugene Meyer.JPG

Photo of Sgt. Woelfle presenting Mr. Meyer with Life Saving Commendation


The morning of Sunday, February 14, 2021 was a very cold with the temperature being zero degrees and consistently minus 9 degree wind chill around 8:30 a.m. and very few people were outside.

 Fortunately Mr. Eugene Meyer of Chillicothe happened to be out and for what he describes as unknown reasons slowly drove down a rural county road that he seldom ever travels when he noticed a 2-year-old child all alone, very poorly dressed and standing in a ditch.  Mr. Meyer stopped and found the child was freezing cold and placed the child in his warm vehicle to help protect the toddler.  Mr. Meyer took the child to the nearest house and beat on the door with no answer and returned to the pickup and continued attempting to warm the child.  Mr. Meyer notified E-911 Dispatchers of where he was at and what was taking place.  LCSO Sgt. Dustin Woelfle and Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services arrived and the child was taken to Hedrick Medical Center for evaluation. 

Sgt. Woelfle was finally able to locate an adult relative of the child and learned the family had no clue their toddler was missing.  Fortunately the child was found to be okay but very cold. 

We believe divine intervention took place that Valentine's Day morning and are both very thankful and appreciative of the life-saving actions taken by Mr. Meyer.  Great job sir!


Sheriff Steve Cox