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Court Ordered Transfers



The Livingston County Sheriff's Office recently received Court Orders to cause the following detainees to be transported to the Missouri Department of Corrections to serve respective sentences or attend treatment programs:

Hazel Miller, 25, Kansas City, MO      Ct..1 - Probation Violation - Tampering 7 years DOC; Ct. 2 - Probation Violation Resisting 4 years DOC; Ct. 3 - Probation Violation Possession Controlled Substance 7 years DOC all to run consecutive.

Kelly Saville, 20, Chillicothe                Probation Violation Possession Controlled Substance - 7 years DOC.

Lee Hines, 43, Avalon                         Possession Controlled Substance - 4 years DOC.

Charles Henson, 31, Breckenridge     Failure to Register As Sex Offender - Change of Address - 2 years DOC.

Dylan Head, 26, Chillicothe                Possession Controlled Substance - 3 years DOC.

Camerron Carmack, 24, Norborne     Probation Violation - Delivery Controlled Substance - 7 years DOC.

All detainees will be transported at earliest opportunity.


Steve Cox