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Drive with Common Sense for Everyone's Safety


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Today about 10:05 a.m. LCSO responded to U.S. 36 as a report of a dark colored vehicle was east bound near the Livingston/Caldwell County line and that vehicle was driving around 100 m.p.h. and nearly caused a crash by passing on the right shoulder.

Sgt. Dustin Woelfle checked the vehicle at 96 in a 65 on U.S. 36 near Utica and got the vehicle stopped near the Grand River Bridge.

Both adult occupants were on probation or parole with the driver being on paper for a Firearm related offense and the male passenger on parole for a methamphetamine violation.  The couple was coming from Kansas City and were traveling to Linneus in Linn County Missouri as both had to appear in criminal court.  The driver reportedly was to appear earlier this morning for a forgery/stealing offense and the passenger was to appear earlier this morning on a stealing allegation.

The driver was cited for mandatory appearance in Livingston County court on the 96 in a 65 and also issued citation for not wearing a seatbelt.  Information was submitted to the probation/parole officers supervising both people.  It is unknown what happened to either of these people once they did make it to Linn County court.  

Both were also given education on roadway safety and how dangerous it was to have been driving like that, especially for an extended period of time.  Some passing motorists communicated to one of the officers they were glad the vehicle had been stopped!  Short while after the stop was over the sheriff checked the same vehicle near Wheeling and the driver was being compliant with the speed limit.

Life is both precious and short.  Please drive safe and obey the traffic laws, they are in place for many reasons.  You may be a great driver but there are plenty who are not.  We love to see everyone get home safe!


Steve Cox