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Court Ordered Transfers


The Livingston County Sheriff's Office recently received Court orders to cause the following detainees be transferred to the Missouri Department of Corrections to either serve a sentence or attend treatment program:


Tyler McDowell, 28, Chillicothe           Delivery Controlled Substance - 5 years DOC

Casey Welch, 26, Iowa                      FTA Possession Controlled Substance - 3 years DOC

Joshua P. Moore, 36, Chillicothe         Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Child - 30 years DOC

Anthony Munroe, 40, Chillicothe         Probation Violation - Failure to Appear - 4 years DOC

Patrick Cox, 34, McFall, MO                Probation Violation - Violation Protection Order - 3 years DOC

Miranda Adams, 41, Chillicothe           Probation Violation - Possession Controlled Substance - 3 years DOC

Lauren Baker, 33, Cameron                 Probation Violation - Forgery - 3 years DOC

These people will be taken to DOC at first opportunity.  Hopefully this is the last time they are required to be involved in the judicial system.


Sheriff Steve Cox