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Court Ordered Transports


The Livingston County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) recently received Court orders to cause the following detainees be sent to the Missouri Department of Corrections to serve a sentence or attend a treatment program.  One exception is Mr. Clark will be returned on a parole warrant.


Bobby Head, 61, Chillicothe               Possession Controlled Substance - 5 years DOC

Larry Reynolds, 39, Brookfield           Domestic Assault - 4 years DOC

Jimmy D. King, 66, Kansas City          Delivery Controlled Substance - 10 years DOC

Eric Hollon, 46, Chillicothe                 Stealing - 7 years DOC

Joshua Davis, 20, Trenton                  1 count Forgery - 7 years DOC, 1 count Forgery - 7 years DOC to run consecutive

Douglas Coin, 37, Wheeling               Possession Controlled Substance - 6 years DOC

Scott Shannon, 34, Chillicothe            DWI - CODS

William Long, 26, Trenton                  Unlawful Possession of Firearm - 7 years DOC

Kyle Jettelson, 29, Chillicothe             Stealing - 5 years DOC

Dawson Clark, 23, Cameron               Parole return

LCSO should have all these men delivered to prison by the end of this week.


Sheriff Steve Cox